Clinicians: Participate in the adjudication process

Description of position if assigned

In a few early season shows and an occasional mid season event, there is the request for CLINICIANS to participate in the USSBA adjudication process.

If assigned as a clinician, what we are asking for you to do is comment, IN GENERAL, regarding the performance AND the product as presented by the participating marching bands. How does your day look?

  • You will watch the program of every other band, from the press box or an appropriate vantage point. You should make a tape!
  • Following your band’s performance, you will move through the stands, meeting the band at their gathering point usually just past the stadium.
  • You May need to MAKE contact with the band director as he may NOT be thinking of your appearance at the time. The USSBA staff does remind him of your involvement but, in the heat of post performance, directors can become excited and forgetful.
  • Once introduced by the band director, you will be speaking to the band directly.
    • You should be positive and supportive
    • You should note specific effects or moments that stand out as noteworthy.
    • You may reinforce the band director by supporting efforts that may assist perceived weaknesses.
    • Example: "I noticed that the last piece was not performed as well as the beginning of the show. Clearly you received this material recently but I want to make sure you are aware of how critical it is that you have your music memorized! And percussion — you really have to watch those volume levels when you are up front."
  • Once complete, you may talk to the director or staff with the remaining time. Be sure to leave your tape with them!
  • The time between the first and third bands, for example, should be 14-15 minutes s please, monitor your time. You will need to be in position for every other band!

Early in the year be careful of short shows. This could change the time frame of the event and your space for communication with your band. I will work to make the coordinators aware of this situation.

To close: This is a support function that requires you to be at your best from an educational perspective. You also need to bring your personality to the review. Post performance, the students need support and a pat on the back. Your tape can be more critical and, not worrying about numbers, you have the opportunity to be of assistance without worrying about justification of numbers.

For more information on the role of clinicians please contact Gino Cipriani at


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