WOW! Only one position remains for Yamaha Cup at New Meadowlands Stadium

USSBA team visits the site this week for a walk-through


Members of the USSBA team tour New Meadowlands Stadium earlier this week. From left, Bill Speakman, Matt Surabian, Director of Parking and Concessions for NMS, Sean King, Justin Heimbecker and George Hopkins. One performance opportunity remains for a band!

After a lengthy, three hour visit this week to the New Meadowlands facility – there’s only one word that does the experience justice… WOW! 

And for 49 fantastic band programs, they will have the chance to get a ‘WOW’ on Saturday, Oct. 2, as their bands walk through the tunnel and onto the field beneath the massive video screens and impressive architecture to perform in the new home of the Giants and Jets and the site of the 2014 Super Bowl. 

A stellar slate of judges from the ranks of marching band and DCI are lined up to give important early season feedback as bands head into the all-important first weeks of October. 

Bands that are already registered for the event should have received their tickets for the event and will be receiving updates over the next few days regarding everything from parking and warm-up to band flow to security details. 

Additionally, due to the new logistics, we will be announcing a brief conference call for next week with a possible walk-through the day before the event for interested directors and their staff. 

For those directors still on the fence about attending this remarkable event - there’s only one more slot available. You’ve seen the new facility on TV and words don’t really do it justice.   

Ask yourself this one question: Do you want your kids and your parents to have a ‘WOW?’ 

With only two weeks left to go before the big day, contact Jon Swengler, our Coordinator of WOW!, at or (610) 821-0345,Ext. 113 in the USSBA office with any questions or your confirmation to be the 50th and final band to perform in the inaugural Yamaha Cup at the New Meadowlands Stadium on Oct. 2.  

Any other questions about the event can be forwarded to Courtney Beard  at or (610) 821.0345, Ext 137.


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