Cadets Design Team begins 2011 show planning

Webinar unveils unique combination of music considerations

The Cadets Design Team met Sunday, Sept. 19 in Philadelphia coming away with some preliminary ideas for the 2011 program. On hand were Drill Designer Jeff Sacktig, Brass Arranger Jay Bocook, Designer Greg Lagola, Program Associate Bruno Zuccala and George Hopkins, Cadets Director and Program Coordinator. 

The five-hour planning session closed out with a live Webinar, appraising nearly 70 Cadets friends and fans on what was considered during that meeting , and very well could end up as program choices in 2011! 

“The plans are sketchy, but there is a foundation for all to begin work,” said Hopkins. “We agreed to include a ballad, we want to make sure we stay at 10:30 minutes, and we really intend to play to the crowd, despite the activity-wide competitive results of recent years.” 

“Students deserve to hear a crowd on their feet,” added Bocook. “They work too many hours, day after day, to not receive the reward of appreciation.” 

There is much work to do, Hopkins said, but The Cadets’ program will center on the idea of dance and movement. A working title for now will be ‘MOVE.’ Music is being debated, but at this juncture, an odd combination of material includes: 

Danza Finale by Ginastera

Simply Irresistible by Robert Palmer

Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman 

“There is much more to come,” said Hopkins during the Webinar, which also featured segments of the proposed pieces. 

Read feedback following the Webinar:

I enjoyed listening in on your plans for 2011!  As I have told many people, I could listen to the Cadets play long tones and get goose bumps!  To hear what you are considering for next year raises those bumps to a new level!  

I don't think there has ever been a show I haven't enjoyed but the ones that always stick in my mind are those that feature a good variety, musically and stylisticly - 2001 and 2003 certainly stick in my mind as recent examples.  A beautiful ballad will be a welcome addition next summer! - Bob

I just needed to take a few minutes of your time to express how much I thoroughly enjoyed listening in on the webinar today. As just a fan of some 25 plus years, it was the first time I got a glimpse into the creative process I have admired for so long. You have always provided me with inspiration as I lead my nonprofit theatre and youth theatre programs. I hope that I have gain more insight into the process after today's experience.

Thank you again, and personally I am sincerely hoping I'll be hearing The Cadets playing "Simply Irrisistable" in 2011. Best of luck over the long winters months and look forward to seeing and hearing whatever is chosen in June. - Mitchell

The Cadets Design Team will meet again early October as they hammer out more details for 2011. Additional Webinars for Cadets friends and fans will also be announced in conjunction with those planning meetings. 

Auditions for the 2011 corps are Nov. 19-21 in the Philadelphia area. Texas Audition Workshops are also scheduled Dec. 3-5 in the Houston, San Antonio and Dallas areas. Details on exact locations will be released in the next few weeks. 



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