The New Meadowlands Seating Plan

Guidelines for parents, staff during our first event at this venue

The USSBA Yamaha Cup is the first marching band event ever at the New Meadowlands Stadium.

Here comes the Biggest Show of the Year!  

This Saturday at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., 50 marching bands will appear in the Yamaha Cup, the first ever marching band event at this grand new stadium. 

As with any new venue, there are some points of order for those attending the event, for those on the field … for all of us! After all, we have been holding band shows at Giants Stadium since 1988! And now, we move across the lot to a new location. With the new location, come changes and opportunities. 

Lower Deck Only
Spectators will only be allowed to view the performance from the lower deck. If you are coming with a large group, and you want to sit together, we seriously recommend you come as early as possible. There are plenty of seats but the viewing angle can be a bit odd. 

The second deck is the Club Level and there is simply no way for that deck to be open to the general public as there is limited entry.  And as for the third deck – it is just too high for marching bands!  

Bands Returning to the Stadium will be in the corners and end zones
To leave seats for parents and our friends and fans, band students returning in groups will be asked to sit at the corners of the stadium. Band students will re-enter with their wrist bands through the Pepsi Gate. 

Band Directors and Staffs – we have made special arrangements
The USSBA has made arrangements for the band directors and their staff to sit in the Club Level. There will be no food at this level and no services. However, you will have a great view of your band! Indeed, you may return to the deck, with your pass (and only with your pass). We will ask folks to clear the area at the end of their group. 

How do get to the Club Level viewing area?
Please go to the West VIP lobby and take the elevator to the Gridiron Club. We will have one person in the lobby and one elevator operator to get you to the club level. Any wandering in the area and you will be asked to leave. This is very special service and indeed and is being offered in a trial basis. If there are issues we will never be at this deck again. 

And finally, the admission to this event is $25. Yes, this is more than we charged at Giants Stadium but our costs have risen dramatically with the move to this beautiful stadium. More staff, more security and more service - it all adds up!  

Enjoy the evening, follow the signs, and have a great Saturday!


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