NEW VIDEO: Four minutes tells the story of every Cadet

Please join us for Cadets Audition Camp on Nov. 19-21

In just four weeks, we begin.

We begin a new journey – one that picks up a 76-year story and carries forward the legacy of Maroon and Gold to remarkable places. Places that only a Cadet on the performance field would ever know.

On Nov. 19, The 2011 Cadets will begin to take shape. And you could be there…


Four minutes on the field during the last rehearsal of 2010. Just four minutes, but a lifetime of cherished memories! And for every musician and performer who becomes a Cadet, each and every minute is precious.

Are you ready for your piece of the story to begin?

Register for Cadets Audition Camp on Nov. 19-21 in Reading, Pa.



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