Pouncey brothers will lead The Cadets in 2011

Brad 'Baby Pouncey' to train with Drum Major Ben

When Cadets Drum Major Ben Pouncey leads the corps onto the field for the first time in 2011, he will stand alongside his dearest, long time friend – his 17-year old brother - Brad.

[object Object]Brad Pouncey, a senior at Ridge View High School in Columbia, S.C., will serve as The Cadets assistant drum major in the coming season. Brad enters his third year with the corps, having marched in the trumpet section since 2009. The Cadets staff made the announcement late last week, first notifying the membership that Brad will be in training and ready to take over as lead drum major in 2012. 

“In talking to all, we have all been impressed with Brad over the past year. Perhaps there is something in the water in the Pouncey household but despite being only 17, we believe that Brad has the respect of the brass line, and he will have the respect of the remainder of the corps once they get to know him,” said Cadets Director George Hopkins when making the announcement. 

For the Pouncey brothers, drum corps runs in the blood. Their father Bill played soprano in the 27th Lancers in 1980 and 1982 and with the Spirit of Atlanta in 1981. Now that both boys are Cadets, Bill and his wife Andrea enjoy traveling to see and support the corps.  

“My parents love the fact that we march together. I think it’s comforting for them in a way to know that we’re at least in the same place over the summer instead of on our own,” said Ben, 20, who will age out in 2011. 

For Brad, affectionately called ‘Baby Pouncey’ by friends in the corps, being selected to learn from Ben and assist in leading the corps is a tremendous honor.

“I really cannot believe it, but I will do my best to serve the members, day and night,” Brad said. “Once Ben joined the corps in 2007, I watched rehearsals and saw the work being put in from start to finish and at that time I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization simply because it is like no other. I love that the Cadets do things that have never been done and they get up every morning striving for perfection. Joining this drum corps in 2009 was the best decision I have ever made.”

Photo caption: Ben Pouncey, left, pictured with his father Bill and brother Brad.



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