Cadets host "Bring A Friend" challenge to all applicants

The more you refer, the more you save on fees!

Special note from Justin Heimbecker, Assistant Director of The Cadets

As the Nov. 19-21 Cadets Audition Camp nears, we are pleased to announce an exciting challenge to all applicants! 

As we speak with parents and Cadet hopefuls at our many USSBA events throughout the fall season, it's clear that, after seeing the videos, these individuals WANT to be in the Cadets. They WANT to wear the uniform, they WANT to rehearse in the heat and the rain, they WANT to rehearse like crazy people, they WANT to experience greatness on such a grand level with so many people, they WANT to bring thousands of people to their feet each night...but there is something holding them back! 

The two most popular answers: 

#1) I'm worried that I won't know anyone, and I'll be alone all weekend.

#2) I 'm worried about the fees.

First of all, we have never, NEVER had a Cadet tell us after the summer that the fees were not worth it. In fact, we've had marching members tell us that they would pay double, even triple the cost to march in the Cadets - just to do it all over again! But I understand, until you experience it, it's hard to REALLY know if it's all true. With that in mind, we are here to help both of these concerns with the "Bring A Friend" challenge!  

When someone registers for The Cadets at, there is a form that they can fill out, to tell us who referred them to the corps. It's usually a band director, a friend, a Cadet, want them to fill in YOUR name for this challenge!

The 2011 Cadet applicant with the most referrals by midnight Nov. 12 will have ALL of their winter camp fees waived for the 2011 season - a value of $300 when all is said and done! In addition to that, we'll set you up with some Cadets gear, so that you attend the audition camp in style! 

So, you've seen the videos, you've seen the posters, you have the Facebook posts to share, you know what the Cadets are all about. What do you have to do? 

1) Make sure YOU are registered at (maybe even put down a friend's name to help them out)

2) Get people excited and registered for the audition camp WITH you! Deadline is Nov. 12.  

It's that easy! Any questions, please contact me at I look forward to meeting you in three weeks, as we kick off our 77th edition of The Cadets. We look forward to a season filled with hard work, passion, and excellence.

Justin ‘Rudy’ Heimbecker


Cadets Audition Camp is Nov. 19-21 at Reading High School in Reading, Pa.




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