Treasure your Cadets family this holiday season

2010 campaign launches featuring keepsake ornament

A special letter to our Cadets family and friends from Director of Development Andrew Barlow.

Dear Friends,

The holiday season is here and it’s time to start planning family events, seasonal parties, and anticipating the most wonderful time of the year.  Here at The Cadets we have already gotten into the spirit of the season!   2010 ornament

Today marks the beginning of the 2010 Cadets Holiday Campaign.  You can be sure this campaign will bring a different light to the holiday time.  The approach this year focuses on the family, including The Cadets, and how we cherish our memories during this special time of year. 

As we go about our holiday routine, there are aspects of this time of the season that could feel “abnormally warmer” than other times of the year.  It is one thing to have a tradition of eating fruitcake every day of December, but to have traditions where you take time to remember our family and friends is becoming harder and harder to do with the nature of our busy schedules.  This holiday season, The Cadets ask you… 

“What do you treasure at the holidays?” 

Here at The Cadets there are numerous things to treasure.   It could be your memories of when you marched, it could be the first time you ever saw the corps, it could be the first time you spoke with a Cadet in person.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to the thought of The Cadets, the holidays, and the loved ones in your life.

For our 2011 drum majors, Ben and Brad Pouncey, the holidays are always a family oriented event.  Their father Bill marched with the 27th Lancers and Spirit of Atlanta and their childhood is filled with stories passed around the dinner table that reflect the love of family, in and out of drum corps.  When asked about the holidays, and what they treasure, here is what Ben and Brad Pouncey had to say: 

As the holiday season draws near, we are especially looking forward to sitting around our family  dinner table for hours exchanging stories and memories of drum corps that we have shared together.  My father, who marched in the 27th Lancers and Spirit of Atlanta, was the first to introduce the two of us to the drum corps activity.  We are lucky to have a very supportive family who travels the country to watch the two of us perform all summer long. It is always more special when you are performing for family…but then…you ALL are our family. 

 Drum corps trips, long bus rides, meeting our fans and making new friends like you on the road are all part of the tons of lessons learned in drum corps. They make for some interesting and inspiring stories to share at home; and these memories are something that neither my brother nor I will ever exchange for anything. Our parents inspired us, The Cadets continue to inspire us, your support makes us fly and now, my brother and I are privileged to march side–by-side. THANK YOU! 

The year 2010 marks the beginning of a limited edition holiday ornament and the start of a new tradition, only to be released through The Cadets annual holiday campaigns.  Our first holiday ornament features the beauty of The Cadets shako, forever symbolizing the heritage of the Maroon and Gold. For years to come, we will issue a new ornament to add to your collection. These treasures will forever bring to mind the spirit of the holidays, and your extended family you hold so dear. 

Do not wait too long to order your ornament, there is a limited supply of 300!   


Happy Holidays and have a Joyful New Year. 

Andrew Barlow
Director of Development



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