A splendid summer journey awaits The Cadets

Volunteers: Check out these full tour highlights

Editor’s Note: Last week we highlighted the first half of The Cadets Summer Tour. This week, we complete the journey that takes the 2011 corps all the way to Indianapolis, Ind. (Map courtesy of Andrew Monteiro)

As The Cadets continue their winter rehearsals with snow and ice almost everywhere, it’s no secret that summer is just around the corner! Along with the yearly anticipation of charter buses, trucks, meals, and of course, performances, there is a special buzz in the air about the upcoming 2011 Cadets Summer Tour. Why? Well, a picture says a thousand words…and this is just the first half of our summer journey!


The Cadets continue to work on a memorable 2011 program featuring an epic battle between Angels and Demons. At the same time, the corps administration is working diligently to ensure the group has all it needs for a safe and successful summer. 

And that includes enough volunteers!  

The corps is proud to announce that nearly 200 individuals joined the Cadets Volunteer Council in 2010; however, it’s time to re-assemble the troops for another round of driving, cooking, measuring, building, cleaning, and cheering This is YOUR chance to join the excitement in 2011! 

Follow the map, and see where The Cadets are heading this summer. Find the leg of tour that works for you – our celebrated volunteer! 

June 6 – June 12 (PA, CN, NJ)

As the corps completes a 3.5 week Spring Training experience at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, it’s time to pack up and hit the road for a local Cadets Kick-off Weekend for East Coast alumni and fans. Details on the weekend are developing, but we can tell you that tentative clinics and performances are in the works for Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania, Northern New Jersey, and Connecticut. This is a great stretch for someone just getting acclimated to tour – not too many miles, but just a taste of life on the road!  

June 13 – June 19 (WV, TN, TX)

After a send-off from home, The Cadets are headed straight to Texas for the DCI-Kick-off Weekend, with a few stops along the way! There are a few long trips in here, surrounded by extended stays and quite a bit of rehearsal time. If you’re a driver who likes to drive for a long stretch of road, with some days off in between, this is the stretch for you! And don’t forget, if you’re on tour for this stretch of time you’ll get to see the first competitive performance of the season, as the Top 8 acts of 2010 square up on June 18th in Saginaw, Texas.  

June 20 – June 26 (TX, NM, AZ, CA)

If you were with the corps in California in 2007 or 2004, this is not the route we took to the West Coast! After the opening Texas performances, the corps will be covering quite a few miles (and time zones) as we make our way west with the “California corps,” performing in Rio Rancho, NM and Mesa, AZ along the way. When we reach the Pacific Coast, it’s all about free time on the SoCal beaches and three straight performances, including a Saturday night showdown at Stanford University!  

June 27 – July 3 (CA, OR, WA)

If you’re a trailblazer when it comes to Cadets touring, this is the week for you. While the corps did get to Oregon in 2007, we have NOT been to Seattle, and definitely not for Independence Day! After some free time in San Francisco, we’re headed to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for rehearsals and performances in Medford and Hillsboro, Oregon, before heading to Seattle for a few days of performance, parade, and a visit to the famous FISH MARKET. If you’re on board for this stretch of tour, George and Rudy are buying the Starbucks! 

July 4 – July 10 (WA, ID, UT, CO, NE)

As the 2011 Cadets slingshot around the Pacific Northwest, we’re hitting some beautiful and unique landmarks along the way. From performances in Idaho and Utah, to perennial favorite Invesco Field in Denver, Colo., the corps will reverse two time zones in one week, finishing up with a stint in Omaha, Neb. If you want to cover some serious miles, this is the stretch for you.  

July 11 – July 17 (NE, MN, IL)

If you prefer things relatively “stationary,” this is your week of choice. Following the Omaha, Neb., show on July 10, the corps has FIVE consecutive rehearsal days before the DCI Minneapolis Regional on Saturday, July 16. While exact rehearsal locations are still developing, the goal this week is to rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse some more! This usually means less travel, and a chance for the team to get everything in order for a very busy four-week stretch to finish out the season.  

July 18 – July 24 (MO, KS, OK, TX)

If you like to watch the corps perform, this is where the season really heats up. After a great deal of rehearsal time leading into Minneapolis, The Cadets enter a stretch of 13 shows in 16 days, including stops in Kansas City, Wichita, Broken Arrow, and Houston. The week concludes with the DCI Premiere Event at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas on July 23, followed by some well-deserved free time on the Riverwalk on July 24.  

July 25 – July 31st (TX, OK, AR, TN, GA, NC)

As the corps makes its way back to East Coast time, performance is still the name of the game. As The Cadets say ‘farewell’ to the Lone Star State with a performance in Dallas, they make their way to performances in Edmond, Little Rock, and Murfreesboro, all leading up to the DCI Premiere Event at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Ga., on July 30. Following this premiere event is the penultimate Tournament of Champions performance to close out the month of July in Charlotte, N.C.  

Aug. 1 – Aug. 7 (VA, PA, MA, PA, NJ)

It’s not only August, but it’s Homecoming Week for the corps! After seven weeks away from their stomping grounds, The Cadets make their way from Salem, Va., to West Chester, Pa., ready to show the alumni and hometown crowd their summer progress. After a quick jaunt to Lawrence, Mass., as a treat to our fabulous New England fans, the corps returns to Allentown, Pa., on Aug. 6 for the first time since June  – this time for DCI East at J. Birney Crum.  Following this DCI Premiere Event is an exciting culmination of the Tournament of Champions in the Cadets backyard – an event not to be missed!  

Aug. 8 – Aug.  14 (PA, OH, IN)

As we put nearly 16,000 miles on the odometer, enjoy a welcome-home celebration, and head to the Midwest one last time…it’s time for a celebration of all that is the 2011 Cadets. The hours of practice, performance, bus rides, laundry, and memories all comes to a conclusion as the corps reaches its final destination in Indianapolis. Following a regular-season finale in Massillon, Ohio, the corps will pull into the final stop of the season, spending four memorable days together, and putting on three performances to be remembered for a lifetime.  


“As goes the saying in The Cadets Volunteer Council, “a well-fed and well-traveled drum corps is a good drum corps.” At all times in the summer tour, we’ve got 12 vehicles (RVs, vans, box trucks, trailers, buses) to make it down the road, and we’re in need of eight foodservice volunteers at all times,” said Cadets Assistant Director Justin Heimbecker. “Whether you’re a veteran chef, or you’re an expert garbage/ice hauler, we’ve got a job to keep you busy. And when you look onto the field each night at those 150 magnificent young adults, you’ll feel like a million bucks, knowing that your time, sweat, and dedication help our Cadets to become…The Cadets!”  

How can you get started?

First, check out the Cadets 2011 Volunteer Handbook by clicking HERE to learn about the Cadets volunteer experience. Then, check the SUMMER CALENDAR for your preferred dates and locations.  

Finally, simply write to Melissa@yea.org or Justin@yea.org with your background, dates of interest and preferred roles.  

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about living and traveling with the corps! Thanks in advance for your commitment to the young people of The Cadets. 

Remember, space is limited, so sign up today!



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