A productive camp, plus schedule changes in February

The Cadets dive further into Angels in the Architecture

The Cadets worked hard, as they always do! The second camp in January was heralded with more snow and ice, but that certainly didn’t stop our 150 dedicated Cadets. Two more minutes of show music was taught, and the physical training regimen continued as the corps readies for Spring Training that starts May 14.

“Without a doubt, the Friday of camp was a challenge. We had weather delays to contend with, and prior to that, the digging out of the vehicles put us all to work, but once everyone settled into Woodstown High School, this corps became a hardworking machine,” said Cadets Assistant Director Justin Heimbecker.

Additional music to Angels in the Architecture was taught throughout the weekend, along with marching technique rehearsals and Joe Roche’s physical training program has begun to get the corps ready for Spring Training.

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Upcoming camp announcements

Some notes and changes on the upcoming camps from Heimbecker:

  • The March 4-6 percussion only camp is cancelled due to school concerts and conflicts for a majority of the percussion section. Read on and you'll see the adjustment
  • The Feb. 18-20 camp include a colorguard training component, beginning after lunch on Saturday, and finishing up in time for ensemble on Sunday afternoon. If we have at least eight people, we are a go for this guard training. Colorguard performers should write to Melissa Barlow at Melissa@yea.org to rsvp. 
  • The Feb. 18-20 camp for brass musicians will be the same as every other camp. The section will finish at 2 p.m., clean up and load and be of town around 3p.m.
  • The Feb. 18-20 camp for the percussion section will be extended. We'll finish ensemble at 2 p.m. as always, take a break for lunch, and then dive back into rehearsal for another block. We'll have some dinner, a few more hours of rehearsal, and we'll load the truck and do a final sweep of the school sometime around the midnight hour. The percussion section will wake early in the morning and get everyone to the airport, or headed home.

Questions about the February camp should be directed Heimbecker at Justin@yea.org, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 112.





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