The 2011 USSBA Fall Marching Band Schedule unveiled

Member band registration to begin March 15

After a long cold winter, the days are getting longer and the temperatures warmer, which means the fall marching band schedule can be but only a mere six months away!  In a celebration of the band equinox, the US Scholastic Band Association announces the 150-event 2011 Fall Marching Band schedule which encompasses events in 19 states. 

“We are excited to announce what we feel is one of the most comprehensive schedules ever for the USSBA, with growth in many areas and performance opportunities ranging from local high school stadiums to college and professional venues to showcase bands of all styles and abilities,” said Sean King, director of the USSBA. 

George Hopkins CEO of YEA! and founder of the USSBA said, “With an emphasis on budgets and convenience, the USSBA has built a schedule that benefits our host bands by expanding the weekends for local events, while still providing our trademark grand experiences in spectacular venues for Championship level events.  We’ve trimmed costs and adjusted operations to make the organization as efficient as possible, while in turn keeping participation affordable and not affecting the quality of the overall experience from judges to venue to service.” 

Major changes to this year’s schedule include the following:

  • The Class A National Championship will assume the schedule spot formerly held by the Northern States at J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown.  The Class A National Championships will have an open registration and an increased emphasis on broadening the base of bands that attend.
  • State Championships will be held two weeks later than usual in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and for the New England States on Saturday, Nov. 5.  The Texas Championship will be held on Nov. 12, Maryland States on Oct. 15 and New York States on Oct. 23.
  • The wildly popular Prelim/Final format of the DeMoulin Challenges will be expanded to six locations:
    • Rutgers University – Piscataway, NJ – Oct. 22 (t)
    • New England area – TBA – Oct. 22
    • Wake Forest University – Winston-Salem, NC – Oct. 29 (t)
    • J. Birney Crum Stadium – Allentown, PA – Oct. 30
    • Woodforest Bank Stadium –Shenandoah, TX  - Nov. 5
    • Irving ISD Stadium – Irving, TX – Nov. 5 (t)
    • Southern States will be held at UT-Chattanooga on Nov. 5 and the all-new Western States Championships at Northern Arizona University-Flagstaff on Oct. 29
  • The Yamaha Cup at New Meadowlands Stadium is confirmed for Oct. 15.


CLICK HERE to see the complete 2011 USSBA schedule


New to the USSBA will be a user interface called “Band Data” which will put the power in the hands of USSBA directors to manage and organize their information. 

Beginning with the registration process in the coming days, Band Data will allow band directors to manage all of the pertinent information with the USSBA in real time by using a web based platform designed expressly for the USSBA and today’s band director. 

 “The eventual goal of ‘Band Data’ is to provide bands with the same tools the USSBA uses to manage the organization,” said King.  “With this platform, directors will have up to the minute access to details regarding their schedules and issues that impact their program.  Most importantly, we hope to share the same knowledge and tools for our host bands to run their shows as efficiently and successfully as we run ours.” 

“Value is the name of the game for what the USSBA provides our member bands.  Band Data will provide a level of service and access never before seen by a scholastic music organization, and we at the USSBA are proud to be the first to offer it,” said King.  

Watch for more events to be announced as the team works to confirm and finalize plans in a number of areas with new venues, new hosts and excitement for the 23rd edition of the USSBA.



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