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Sean King resumes role as director of marketing for YEA!

National search begins for a director of the USSBA

For about seven years, Sean King served Youth Education in the Arts as the director of marketing.  Three years ago, Sean was named director of the US Scholastic Band Association. Today, Sean returns as the director of marketing and communications for Youth Education in the Arts, assuming the role he departed three years ago, but this time, with far more responsibility and challenge.


“Three years ago, we had a huge void in the leadership of the USSBA” said Executive Director George Hopkins. “My experience told me that we needed to put our best person in charge of one of our most important programs. Sean was that person, and he did an exemplary job of reorganizing and growing the USSBA. He has brought stability to the program and has built a team which will be able to move the USSBA forward.  He did a fabulous job."

"And today, we have identified marketing and communications across all of our programs as a pressing need. We have the Urban Arts Center, band recruiting, The Cadets recruiting, event sales, ticket sales and so much more … and again, Sean is the person with the expertise and experience to make a difference there. Sean's passion is in marketing and we need that assistance." 

Sean will continue to assist in and strategy and operations of the USSBA as we search for a new director, and will continue to handle the marketing aspects of the USSBA in his new position.

Youth Education in the Arts will be conducting a national search for the position of director of the US Scholastic Band Association. The goal is to fill the position with a proven manager who can continue building on the foundation built over the past 23 years, with special emphasis on operations and customer service.

The remainder of the USSBA will continue on task, with the addition of Larry Harper as events manager, Jonathan Swengler, Greg Jackson and Tara Bryant handling band and sponsor relations, George Hopkins and Gino Cipriani in programming and adjudication and Courtney Beard as volunteer coordinator.

“Expect to see all members of the YEA! staff at events as usual,” Hopkins said. “Everyone here understands that the entire YEA! family is a part of the USSBA staff.” 

For immediate information regarding the director of the USSBA position, send a cover letter and resume to George Hopkins at


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