The Cadets to honor "The Uniform" in special 2011 ceremony

Aug. 7 Tour of Champions show will inlcude recognition

Recent developments have brought attention to The Cadets Maroon and Gold member uniform, a staple for most every year of the corps' existence since the uniform debuted in 1939.

The West Point modeled jacket and cream pants, off-set with a gold sash and other accoutrements has been in place with minor modifications for seven decades.   cadets trumpeter

There have been alterations made from time to time in recent years, particularly, 2005, a World Championship season, and 2006, a most interesting and creative follow up to the “Door in Four Parts” effort of the middle 2000’s.  However, regardless of the manufacturer who has supported the corps efforts, and regardless the creative and administrative direction of the corps, the uniform has maintained a prominent and historical position within the corps. The Cadets and the Maroon and Gold are figuratively and literally “joined at the hip.” 

In honor of the contribution “the uniform” has made to The Cadets organization, and as part of the pre event festivities on at the Aug. 7 Tournament of Champions event, The Cadets will be preparing a special presentation and induction to celebrate the legacy of the uniform as well as, and most importantly, the contribution of each and every member who has had the opportunity to march as a Cadet over these many, many years. 

George Hopkins, director of the Cadets since 1983, a span of 27 years that includes nine DCI World Titles and more than 2,000 graduates of The Cadets, stated in an announcement at the headquarters of Youth Education in the Arts in Allentown, Pa. 

“The uniform of The Cadets is a storied and fabulous part of drum corps history. With the assistance of manufacturers such as DeMoulin, today’s sponsor and provider, we have been able to maintain the quality and look of the corps, for years and years. While other corps alter their visual design from year to year or at least decade to decade, The Cadets have maintained the look of prestige and dignity that helps define who they are, and how they appear on the field of competition today. It is only appropriate that in 2011 The Cadets, and all Cadets, may homage to a part of what makes all … the maroon platoon.” 

Details will be forthcoming but, the summer ceremonies will include Cadets from each of the decades the uniform has appeared as well as words from Cadets past and present recognizing the pride every member of The Cadets carries onto the field each evening, or into their life as graduates and “age-outs” of one of the great drum corps of history. 

The event will be managed with the assistance of the Youth Education in the Arts Development Department as well as volunteers from the Cadets Alumni Association. 

Announcements and details of the ceremony will be made in early summer. 

In the meantime, remember that The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee is currently accepting nominations for the 2011 Class until April. 1. A nomination letter and one to four letters of support should be sent to Caryn Goebel at, or by mail to The Cadets Hall of Fame, 601 W. Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa., 18101.


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