Are You Ready? USSBA 2011 Sign-up day moved to Wednesday

Last minute excitement adds one day to registrations

Ready. Set. One more day?  

By the looks of the activity in the US Scholastic Band Association offices one might think it was nearing the first shows of the fall season, rather than sign-ups for events that are a little over six months away.  North Penn-022.jpg

Phones are ringing.  Emails and faxes flying as bands and hosts lock in their dates and get their paperwork squared away.   

Tara-Lee Bryant, host relations manager said, “We have had some very exciting news occur recently in a few regions with new events coming on board, and we want to give everyone a fair chance to recruit for their shows and be on the registration form from day one.”  

George Hopkins CEO of YEA! and founder of the USSBA added, “Bands will be pleasantly surprised at some of the new additions we have made to the schedule, and a delay of a single day to accommodate these new hosts is well within our ability to stay to our original plan of sign-ups and give our newest friends the opportunity to start off on the right foot… after all at The Cadets that’s what we do!” 

Another factor is making sure the band registration system is ready to go from the first sign-up. 

The USSBA will be unveiling a brand new interface for directors called Band Data, which will eventually be able to be used by directors to manage different aspects of their program.  

Courtney Beard who has been heading up the transition to Band Data said, “We had great success with the adjudicator registration process after a few initial bumps in the road.  With four times the number of bands than judges registering, the initial interaction for bands will be the registration process and we want to make sure we have the team prepared to answer any questions should directors run into any issues.” 

Should you have any questions regarding 2011 USSBA National Sign-up Day, please contact Jon Swengler at and 610.821.0345 Ext 113 or Greg Jackson at and 610.821.0345 Ext. 117. 


On Wednesday, March 16, bands from across the United States get their first look at the complete USSBA schedule and directors have the opportunity to sign up for some of the most prestigious events in the land. 

Watch along as the excitement builds with each of the most popular shows drawing in bands from across the state and across the country! 

Where will your band go?  Where will your friend’s band go? 

Be the first to learn where you’ll be spending your music filled autumn with your friends, making music and memories which will last forever. 

Watch for updates on Facebook and register to get USSBA tweet updates throughout the day on Twitter. 

Plus, the USSBA band that registers FIRST on Wednesday will receive a great gift from the USSBA gift vault - as will the 50th, 100th, 150th and 200th bands during the day and throughout the first week of registrations. 

You don’t want to miss out on all of the USSBA excitement with National Sign-up Day for America’s largest and fastest growing marching band organization!



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