Happy National Sign-Up Day USSBA Directors!

157 Events. 21 States. See our 2011 performance opportunities!


157 Events. 21 States. More opportunities for grand experiences and performances that will make memories forever. Register your band for fall events beginning today!

National Sign-up Day 2011 has arrived!

The long wait is over and while the first USSBA competitions of the 2011 season are still a little less than six months away, we are excited to take the wraps off the season and begin the process of registering your band for participating this fall.

Be sure to stick with us all day and throughout the week as we update folks on the progress of the registrations. Which shows are filling fast? Where will your rival bands go? It's all about the excitement of marching and music and great young people having the times of their lives.

The 2011 USSBA Fall Marching Band Season begins now!

There's also something new this year. Band Data! A new power-packed interface that will allow you to manage your band's information more easily and efficiently than ever before.

PLEASE read these helpful tips before signing in and registering your band for 2011.

Logging on to Band Data for the First Time and Registering for Shows

The USSBA is using a NEW and exciting system to allow people and bands to visualize and control more of their information.

It is important to remember this is a NEW system so any existing user names or passwords which you have typically used with the USSBA or YEA! website will not be effective. If you have ANY questions or would like clarification at any point please do not hesitate to call Greg (610-821-0345x117) or Jon (610-821-0345x113).

When you click on the link to register for this year's fall shows you will be brought to the new login screen.

· Create a password for yourself by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link
· Enter the email you have been using to communicate with the USSBA and hit submit
· The password will be sent to your email and then you can proceed to sign in using that password
· In the top right hand corner there are a series of links

Click on "My Contact" Info to verify and update all of your information

Click on "My Band" to verify and update all of your band's information

· To register for the Fall season, click on "Events"
· If you already are scheduled for particular events you will see them listed here
· To sign up for events click on "Add an Event" in the upper right corner
· You will be at the event menu page with a listing of all the dates the USSBA is offering events
· Select a particular event by clicking on a date

The main frame will fill with all of the events being held on that date
· Select the event you wish to attend.

The program will give you an opportunity to review the event specifics
· After you hit submit, the event will be loaded into your season schedule
· Add more events by repeating the process or click 'Finalize Schedule' to return to the USSBA homepage

You only need to Finalize Schedule once a season, after the initial set up you may return to the program to update and adjust your schedule as needed

Shortly this program will replace the main schedule page off of USBands.org so please feel encouraged to upload pictures and encourage other staff of the program. Even Boosters can have an account in the system and be associated to your band!

New to the USSBA or Unable to Login?

If you or a staff member are not currently in the system (Indicated by the program being unable to generate a password for you) click on the "Create a Profile" link. Follow up with Greg or Jon in the office if you are unable to access your band's info or sign up for events. They can be reached at 610-821-0345 x117 and 610-821-0345 x113, respectively. Feel free to email them as well at Jonathan@yea.org or Greg@yea.org


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