Volunteering is a way to connect with your peers!

Theme weeks unite unique generations on Summer Tour

Help 150 young people reach their maximum potential? Yes, you could!


Volunteering for The Cadets is an extraordinary way to spend your time. Not only is your work gratifying, but you are ensuring these talented men and women have all they need to become magnificent on and off the field! 

As tour approaches, The Cadets want to see that your experience as a volunteer is as beneficial to you as it is for them! To connect the many generations of Cadets to each other, and the 2011 corps, we’ve set up fun theme weeks during Summer Tour. Sign on to volunteer along with your peers, and you never know who you just might meet! 

50’s & 00’s WEEK
If you’ve marched in “Holy Name” or since Y2K, June 1 thru June 12 is your time! See the end of Spring Training, join the convoy as they hit the road, and take part in a local (northeast) send-off for The Cadets before they head to the Pacific. No flights needed…jump on and off while we’re still in this neck of the woods! Also, be there to see the unveiling of the new uniform! 

60’s & 90’s WEEK
If you marched in the 60’s or 90’s, join us from June 8 thru June 19 to see the local send-off in the Northeast, and join us as we make our way to Texas for the G8 kick-off events near Austin and Dallas! Be there for the unveiling of the 2011 uniforms!

70’s & 80’s WEEK
If you marched in the 70’s or 80’s, join us as we make our way from Texas to the West Coast, from June 18 thru June 25, ending with a Stanford showdown with the Blue Devils. Hit THREE time zones in THREE days, during this unique stretch of tour for The Cadets – Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California here we come! 

For those teachers out there who want a taste of life behind the scenes with The Cadets, and to get a little bit dirty while you learn, this is your week. Join the corps on July 7 in Denver, and hang out until the G8 Rockford, IL show on July 17. Minimal nights of travel, lots of “sitting still” … and a good combination of rehearsal and shows, perfect for the newbie! See The Cadets as they ramp up for the second half of the competitive season, and steal some methods, approaches and ideas for your upcoming band camp! 166469_1565882751204_1359454492_1223645_1857871_n.jpg 

Are you COMPLETELY new to The Cadets family and you don’t want to just dip your toe in the water but want to dive in head first? This is for you!  See The Cadets from July 22 thru Aug. 1 as they grind through the “Southern Swing” and some great, competitive shows – Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Edmond, Little Rock, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Charlotte – what a lineup! You can be there as The Cadets go from “July clean” to “August clean,” and be a part of making it all happen! 

Do you miss your Cadet? Join the corps from Murfreesboro on July 29 thru DCI World Championships in Indianapolis on Aug. 14. It’s the ideal time to reconnect with your kid, and celebrate a fantastic summer they will never forget! 

Along with making great friends, old and new, volunteers are also provided with VIP passes to see the corps at each and every performance while on tour.  Interested volunteers should contact Justin Heimbecker at Justin@yea.org, or Melissa Barlow at Melissa@yea.org, or by telephone at (610) 821-0345, Ext. 115.


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