Cadets Director George Hopkins seeks alumni engagement

Hall of Fame nominations sought as April 1 cut off date nears


Dear Cadets Alumni,

As we come towards the close of another Cadets Hall of Fame Campaign, I am writing to ask that you engage in the process.
To be frank, the response has been poor and as best I can see, it is not that there are not alumni or others that deserve to be recognized but rather, we are not able to get neither the nominations nor letters of support for many deserving candidates.
Playing this dilemma forward, we have also been unable to get a critical mass of alumni to vote.  Last year, the total votes cast was in the area of 200 — not good.
Clearly we want to continue to recognize all who have been a part of The Cadets’ legacy. However, if we are not going to generate involvement, some have suggested we set up a committee that will manage the process on a more autocratic level.
I am not really in favor of this, but I have to admit that the response rate is poor and perhaps not what we would all wish in the ideal world.
So I ask you to consider the process of The Cadets Hall of Fame over this final week and at the least, please place your vote.  Once we complete the process for this year, we will realign the procedures to serve The Cadets as best possible.
The link below explains the Hall of Fame process, and allows you to register for the Cadets Alumni Association so you can vote for the 2011 Class.
Please take a look! Whether you marched in 1965 or 2005, you can and should participate in the process!
Any questions, please drop me a note at
Happy spring!


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