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Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Furey gives his time to the USSBA

Indoor tabulator is a commerical banker in the 'real world'

Volunteer Spotlight!

Every month, Youth Education in the Arts will feature a different Volunteer and share a little bit of who they are and how they came into our community.

This month we feature Mike Furey, a tabulator for the US Scholastic Band Association who has given much of his time supporting the 2011 Indoor Season events.

Q: What do you do in the “real world”? mike furey.jpg

A: I'm a commercial banker for the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is the parent company of Citizens Bank.  I work mostly with non-profit and governmental clients.  And yes, I occasionally get to take them to Phillies games!

Q: Do you have any past music experience?

A: I started playing trumpet in 4th grade.  I began in the marching band in 7th grade and continued through college.  I did some drum corps in the mid-80's with a long defunct group in Philadelphia (PAL Cadets.)  I kept playing in a brass quintet and big band until about the mid-90's when I went back to school and life got in the way.  I remained a drum corps fan for many years after, though.

Q: What got you started with volunteering with YEA!?

A: My employer values volunteerism and it's actually a small component of my annual review.  I had been doing volunteer tax prep which was about as tedious as it sounds.  I saw a post on the YEA! website looking for event staff.  At first, I was hesitant to commit because I wasn't sure what was involved, but once I started I really enjoyed it!

Q: What is your favorite part of volunteering?

A: I know it sounds cliché', but the people.  I've met great folks at every show I've worked, be they YEA! staff, judges, event personnel or host band volunteers.

Q: Something fun to share?

A: I love live theatre and sports and I've already scoped out potential 2011 band shows.


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