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Please join the 2011 Maroon and Gold Club

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The 2011 Cadets move in for Spring Training on May 14, then depart for Summer Tour on June 9. Will you help support them on their journey of a lifetime? We invite you to join the 2011 Maroon and Gold Club.

In just a few short weeks, our Cadets will be flying and driving from all over the country to begin an incredible adventure; an adventure that will lead to success, learning and greatness; an adventure that once again, define The Cadets as one of the great marching organizations in the world. 

This summer, The Cadets will spread their wings and tell the story of “Between Angels and Demons,” a true battle between good and evil.  There is a buzz about this season’s show, and if early season response is worth consideration, this program may very well be one for the history books. 


With music including Frank Ticheli’s Angels in the Architecture, and cuts from the soundtrack of Angels and Demons, this year will be a study in contrast. Dark and light, good and evil - the conflicts that have haunted mankind from our beginnings. 

The battle this year will not be only between angels and demons. It will be against the rising costs of providing this once –in-a lifetime experience to 150 young people. 

It will be a battle to meet the costs in maintaining the standards of excellence that you and the thousands of alumni and fans who watch our kids take flight expect each year.  

Fuel, food, vehicles… the costs are rising at an alarming rate.  You watch the news and read the papers, these are not easy times. These are the times that temper and test us. These are the times when we need YOU more than ever! 

Some examples –  

  • Our bus bill went up $17,000 over the past month.
  • Each time we fill up it costs $2,200 for 11 vehicles.
  • Food expenses are almost $200K for 12 weeks and seven camps. 

It will be a challenge, but we MUST succeed!

This year we invite YOU to become an Angel to The Cadets by joining the 2011 Maroon and Gold Club. Your gift will give our Cadets their wings to fly. It will help them soar across the country, keep them safe, and give them courage as they take on the day-to-day challenges that lie ahead on the 2011 tour, and yes, in their lives long after their marching days are over.  

The Cadets will come out of the gate in 2011 traveling west, visiting New Mexico, Arizona, California, and for the first time in Cadets history, the Pacific Northwest. About 17,000 miles!  This West Coast Tour will be a great adventure for our Cadets, but a challenge for all of us. We have taken risks before, and, with your help, we have always met obstacles and come out stronger for the experience.  That is what Cadets learn. 

What do we ask of you? We are asking that you become a guardian angel to the young people who are The Cadets. Give them the wings to soar in 2011 by becoming a member of the 2011 Maroon and Gold Club. 

We hope that you will join us in our annual Maroon and Gold Campaign.  Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the road!




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