Drum Major Clinic keys in on needed strengths

Up close: Former Cadets Drum Major Damon Grant shares his insight

Current and aspiring high school and college drum majors could garner much of what they need to know for the coming season during day-long session at Woodstown High School in Woodstown, N.J. 4onlypdf

On April 30, running in tangent with The Cadets rehearsal camp, four Cadets alumni drum majors and the two current Cadets drum majors will present clinics focused on the skills and expertise necessary to lead a marching band from the band room to the podium.

Damon Grant (1999), Matt Haines (2004), William Plenk (2004-2006) and Sam Saunders (2002-2003), will join with 2011 Cadets Drum Majors Ben Pouncey and Brad Pouncey to present For Drum Majors Only, an in-depth and focused workshop focused on conducting, leadership and communication skills.

This workshop is a must for anyone auditioning for a Drum Major position or looking to improve their skills for the coming year!


Drum Major Tip of the day:

“Enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Bring extra hats and sneakers on tour.”

-          Damon Grant (Cadets Drum Major 1999) 

Let’s hear more from former Cadets Drum Major Damon Grant who will be among the talented clinicians on April 30: Damon Grant.jpg

When did you decide to be a drum major and what influenced you to make that decision?

One of the first winter camps before the 1999 season. I was asked to consider it by George and the entire staff. 

What was your best day ever as a drum major?

Hard to say. Not sure if there was one "best" day, but several events that made it special.

After much deliberation, my most memorable moment was finishing the show at MTSU (the old Preview of Champions-halfway point regional) and knowing we had killed it. I had just taken my bows and started to climb down from the podium when my pants ripped from my crotch all the way down to my right knee. Normally that wouldn't be an issue but the fact that it was probably about 600 kelvin outside, I (along with every other drummer) boycotted the unitards we were supposed to wear and went commando (for the whole season). Needless to say, everyone in the first 15 rows had quite a show. And to make matters worse we had to parade past the colorguard of whoever was up next. Kyle (the other drum major) did the encore alone.  I had my pants sewn up and comforted my pride with a hot fudge brownie ice cream sundae while inhaling carbon monoxide by the buses and food truck.

What is the single most important thing to becoming a successful drum major?

Attention to detail.

How has being a drum major changed your life?

I have learned how to live my life more effectively and efficiently. Being a drum major has taught me life lessons through the medium of music.   



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