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Embarrassing marching moments are revealed

The USSBA Inside Scoop question of the week:

What embarrassing moment happened to you during your marching band career? 

Greg Jackson
I would say my most interesting moment would probably be in 2006 with the Towson University Marching Band.  We were invited at the last minute to a parade in Baltimore city (I believe St. Patrick's Day?) The director couldn't make it, so I was directing a small pep band that performed, sort of like a New Orleans strolling band, very informal.  Since it was so last minute, we didn't have time to prepare music so the only thing the group had memorized to play was the fight song.  As a quick fix, I got everyone kazoos, so we could play at least one other song that we were going to practice that morning right before the parade

I neglected that people might not know how a kazoo worked though, and handed them out to a group of college students without instructions.  Seventy percent of them were blown out before we even got off the bus.  It was a long parade of playing the fight song.

Courtney Beard
We were performing a song where everyone held a series of poses every other measure during a playoff game.  I was playing sousaphone and at the first pose I lost my balance and fell down.  I had to try and get up again freezing in place each time the band changed chords.  I made it up in time before I had to move to the next set.  The next day my friends sent out an email with a link to a video from the game’s broadcast.  Turns out the band was in the background during the post-game wrap up and my fall and awkward efforts to get back up could be seen over the left shoulder of the sports commentators. 

Larry Harper
Freshman year in high school I was a tenor drummer at an away football game and tripped over a curb sending me head over heels as we marched off the field.  After the incident, I remember the first thing I heard was “are the new drums okay?”

Jon Swengler
Well back in high school the moment that I was looking for finally arrived…I got to be Drum Major. I was so excited because not only did I get to conduct the band but I got to wear the different uniform (I mean come on; it’s what we all look forward to!).

Being the person that I am while getting a fitting for my new uniform I wanted to get pants that were a little bit tighter to make sure that I looked perfect for all those pictures that people were going to be taking. Only problem was that It was also impossible for me to get into those pants! ANYWAY, the day finally arrived when it was my first competition. I was so excited. I remember jumping up on the podium and hearing them say “is your band ready!?” With so much excitement I did my salute and took off my hat. While putting my hat down I all of a sudden heard and felt a rip! That’s right I ripped my pants.

But as they always say the show must go on so I kept a smile on my face and conducted the whole show with a fabulous rip in my pants. After that show I got pants that actually fit me.   LESSON LEARNED! 

Tara Lee Bryant
Nothing ever happened because I am perfect.

J/K my first run through with Phantom I picked up the wrong flag for the end of the opener. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do that and as there was a flag there I took it!  My parents were so embarrassed they told the instructors I was color blind. No offense to Jon Swengler. 

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