Just ONE DAY left to make your picks in the Hall of Fame

Fifteen amazing supporters of The Cadets ask for your support


Alumni and members of the Cadets Alumni Association are encouraged to cast their vote for the 2011 Class of the Cadets Hall of Fame. At midnight on Monday, April 25 the voting segment of the process closes and the ballots will be tallied. 

The newest class of the Hall will be announced on Sunday, May 1 via Live Webinar from Cadets Rehearsal Camp! 

Register and log into your account by CLICKING HERE and cast your votes for the 2011 class. The nominees are: 

Alfred Bartello – Volunteer and booster, 1950/60s era
Anthony ‘Bart’ Bartello – Member 1948-1957, active alumnus
Richard Chirichella – Member 1964-1971
Gino Cipriani – Cadets Brass Caption Supervisor
Vincent D’Arrigo – Member 1939-1952, volunteer and booster
Susan Erben – Member 1978, instructor, administration
Willy Higgins - Member 1984, 86-89, Staff 1990 - 1999
Connie Kardash – Quartermistress, volunteer, booster 1950s era
Greg Lagola – Cadets Designer 1989 to present
George Lucas - Long-time volunteer, 1980s and 1990s era
Darryl Pemberton - Member 1988-1995, Staff 1996-2002 and 2011
John Tokar - Member 1962-1971, instructor, drill writer, administration
Patrick Zampetti - Member 1977-1980, staff 1981-1984
Neil Larrivee - Front Ensemble Arranger, 1995-2008
Richard ‘Scotty’ McGarry - Member 1958-1967, volunteer, photographer, historian 

More than 90 letters of nomination and support, the largest amount ever, were received by the Hall of Fame Committee during the nomination process held from March 1 through April 1. The nominees were reviewed and those who qualified were placed on the official ballot and are now provided to the Electors for voting. Electors are registered members of the Cadets Alumni Association. 

Until midnight on Monday, April 25, electors can view the nominations and letters of support by CLICKING HERE and cast their vote online. 

The 2011 Class will be announced during a LIVE Webinar from Cadets rehearsal camp on Sunday, May 1 at 12:30 p.m. Stay close for more information this week on the LIVE Webinar.


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