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The chatter is Chase and WE NEED YOU TO VOTE!

Imagine the possibilities for thousands of youth and music

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The Cadets are one of the many programs of Youth Education in the Arts that will benefit from the Chase Community Giving Campaign. But that can only happen with your support!

Take a look at what some Facebook users are saying after they vote for Youth Education in the Arts in the Chase Community Giving Campaign!

Love The Cadets and what they do year after year, always inspiring!
Doug Gillespie

Great charity, provides a great opportunity to musically inclined youth!
John Carroll

I hope one day I can give back to an organization that gave so much to me making me the man I am today!
Eddie Bernstein

Vote for a good cause. Vote for YEA and The Cadets!
Tim Heileman

Don’t forget to vote for Youth Education in the Arts to help them win before the season even starts!
Michael Coogan 

This is just a small sampling of the thousands of comments provided by our friends who know, appreciate and have, in some way, benefitted from the great work of YEA! chase logo 

YEA!, the parent organization of The Cadets, the US Scholastic Band Association and the Urban Arts Center of the Lehigh Valley, jumped onto the Leaderboard immediately when the Chase Community Giving Campaign kicked off on April 21. With nine days remaining in the first round of voting, we are nearing 3,000 votes and pushing harder than ever before to ensure YEA! is among the Top 100 charities to win $25,000 and is permitted to advance to Round Two and a chance to win up to $500,000 to pursue one very BIG IDEA!


Will you please help?

Current Cadets, alumni and families
Band students, booster organizations, directors
Volunteers, Donors, show staff and adjudicators
Xcape, Lehigh Valley Youth Drumline and Hand Drummers

We ALL have a part in seeing that YEA! continues to rally in the Chase!

Through YOUR Facebook profile, you can make a difference:

  • Log onto your Facebook profile and “LIKE” the Chase Community Giving application then VOTE for YOUTH EDUCATION IN THE ARTS!
  • You are entitled to ONE vote for Youth Education in the Arts and a total of 10 votes per valid user profile. MAKE SURE AT LEAST ONE OF YOUR VOTES IS FOR YOUTH EDUCTION IN THE ARTS!
  • Invite your friends on Facebook to vote for YOUTH EDUCATION IN THE ARTS, too!

It’s been an amazing ride so far, and with nine days to go, we need you more than ever!


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