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Promote your projects while learning from others

Fundraisers.  You can’t live with them.  You can’t live without them. 

Now, the US Scholastic Band Association puts its considerable resources behind YOUR fundraiser to help band booster groups whether you’re part of national programs like the Pepsi Refresh Project or running your own cow-chip bingo, we’re going to give you place to promote your program and learn of opportunities and experiences of all.   

The cost of admission?  Absolutely free! 

Sean King, director of Marketing for YEA!, the parent organization of the USSBA said, “Having been the USSBA director for the past several years, I have seen the importance first hand of fundraising to today’s marching bands.  These individual fundraisers create the backbone of most organizations as funding from schools becomes scarce, the work of the band parents become vital to the long term success of any program.” 

The USSBA Fundraising Forum is the next step in the building of the USSBA community online and in-person, which will engage parents, students and educators to come together for the benefit of their own programs as well as the scholastic music activity as a whole. 

It is the goal of this experiment to create a clearinghouse of information and projects that have worked for some schools and may not have worked so well for others, while providing a platform to post your current project and see what others are doing as you plan for your success in the future. 

Most importantly, in this new age of online and virtual fundraisers such as the Pepsi Refresh Project and the Chase Community Giving Project, it will be the place for you to harness the power of the USSBA Nation to tell your story and gain votes and support for your cause. 

The marching band community could be an incredibly powerful force if we banded together to support one another and create opportunities for all to succeed.  With an average band size of 80 students, along with parents and supporters, we create a strong voice.  That voice strengthens when you add in the thousands of alumni which have participated at some point in the band.  The impact grows exponentially when you consider the entire student body can be mobilized by the right project at the right time with the right story. 

If the grand experiment works, the USSBA hopes to be able to focus this considerable voice across the American educational landscape to engage and mobilize the millions of people who participate in music or know and love those who participate.  Together, we just may be able to create a groundswell to protect and expand scholastic music for future young people. 

Watch as we begin to build out this program from our website to utilize current social media links and eventually grow to include more forms of technology, some that may have not even been considered yet. 


Simply send us 140 characters or less on your program and a link where people can find more information.  Send that information to: sking@yea.org 

We will post it and promote it to the entire USSBA Nation on our website and through our social and digital media platforms on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

We will celebrate successes and learn from our failures, and together we will create a stronger musical activity with the community learning from one another. 

Eventually we will put the platform in place by which you will be able to post, revise and keep track of your own projects, however in this format’s first version we will try and gauge the initial interest and manage the first steps of this collaborative project. 

For now, send us your information on your current fundraising project and questions you may have about future projects and we’ll take it from there. 

Never asking anyone to do what we wouldn’t ask of ourselves, we’ll start this program today by posting our own current program, the Chase Community Giving project. 

Youth Education in the Arts is preparing for Round Two of the Chase Community Giving project and the opportunity to vie for up to $500,000 in grant money. YEA! finished atop Leaderboard at the end of Round One and will receive $25,000 thank to help from our friends in the USSBA, the Cadets and Urban Arts Center.  CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT 

The Bunnell High School Band in Stratford, Conn., is involved in the Pepsi Refresh Project to raise the needed $50,000 for new uniforms.

The Wellsville Marching Lions need help in the Pepsi Refresh Project to raise $11,000 to replace their aging uniforms.

The Roxbury High School Band Parents Association is holding its 17th Tricky Tray Friday, May 13th in the HS Cafeteria.  Advance Ticket Packets are available for $35.00 and includes an early admission ticket.  For more information call 973-584-2202

Want to add in your group’s fundraiser? Email Sean King, director of marketing for Youth Education in the Arts, at sking@yea.org.


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