The Inside Scoop celebrates Mothers - ours and yours!

The USSBA Team wishes everyone a very special day


In celebration of Mother’s Day we decided to make this Inside Scoop a special edition and learn about the people who helped make us who we are today - our mothers!  Here are a few words that we wanted to share about these amazing women in our lives:  

Darren Delaney, Merchandise Manager
Susan Delaney also known as “Mom” 

My mother has been the biggest supporter of EVERY endeavor I have ever taken on. My mom ROCKS in a way that most moms could never really understand. My mom was the SREAMING NUT JOB that you could find in the stands ANYTIME a group I performed with was in the greater Boston area. 

As a kid in high school during the early 90’s it was difficult to be a guy in the colorguard. But once I was acclimated to drum corps, it was a whole new ball game. Anytime either The Boston Crusaders or The Cavaliers were within arm’s reach of my mom, my entire family would pack into the car and drive (sometimes hours on end) to come see me. Yup, the “Screaming Crazy Lady” who could be heard yelling “Da-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-rrrrrrrrennnnnnn!”  during set up, THAT WAS MY MOM. She would stand there and wave (and of course, I was MORTIFIED). I never had to “scan the crowd” to find my family – somehow, it was CLEAR where my parents were sitting! Happy Mother’s Day MOM – and thanks for having a special memory in a special place. 

Jon Swengler, Band Relations
Lauren Swengler also known as “MOMMY!!”  

If my mother was in a contest against June Cleaver (from Leave it to Beaver), my mom would kick June’s butt! My mommy (yes people I said mommy) has also been such an important person in my life and I am so grateful to have grown up with her as my mom and even more lucky to have her today as my friend. She always goes above and beyond and is always looking out for her kids. From when I came home for the first time with an instrument to my last marching band show, my mom has always been there supporting me and cheering me on. Also don’t be surprised if you see my mom at the USSBA events this fall! She will be helping out and volunteering again for the 2011 season (she just doesn’t know that yet…) I thank you mom for everything… HAPPY BEING MY MOM DAY!  

Tara-Lee Bryant, Local Host Relations
Bobbi Appel also known as “Mum”  

From job to job and coast to coast my mum has always just been a phone call away.  Like everyone (I assume) I’ve come to appreciate her patience and love as I have grown older and wiser.  I can clearly remember waiting in line during drum corps tour my first year for the pay phone to start a conversation with “how could you leave me here?”  and hanging up being thankful that I was.  She definitely has some magic! My mum can help me through any struggle and always has a caring (in a spit-fire kind of way) attitude that I idolize.  So to mine and all other mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day! You ROCK! 

Courtney Beard, Volunteer and Staff Relations
Lois Beard also known as: “Mumsy Dearest”  

My mom rocks.  Plain and simple.  She has always supported me in whatever I do; even when it’s something crazy like “I want to go run marching band events for a living!”  She doesn’t like football stadiums in the cold, nor was she ever a huge fan of marching band but she was always there for me and understanding of my passion.  I don’t get to see her very much and I miss her but I am very excited that this August I will be able to introduce her (and my Dad) to their very first drum corps show.  I can’t wait to blow their minds with that show!  For now I will settle for a virtual shout out to say Thanks Mom!  Happy Mother’s Day! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers! Thanks you for all that you do! 




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