Angels among us! Annual fund drive going strong

2011 Cadets still need your help to reach the goal

A letter from Andrew Barlow, Director of Development of The Cadets:

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With the start of drum corps season it is the time of year when we run our annual Maroon & Gold Campaign. I hope you have received something in the mail within the past week in regards to this year’s campaign. With the response from our Call-a-Thon and mail-in, we have raised over $80,000.  That means we are over a third away from our goal and I want YOU to help us reach our goal of $200,000!

How can this campaign affect The Cadets?  If it was not for this campaign then alumni such as Tom West would not have been able to march.  Tom marched from 93-94.  Here are words from Tom:

I shouldn't have been in The Cadets - I was a clarinet player.

At the Thanksgiving camp in 1993 at Teterboro Vo Tech, I was WAY out of my league.  I couldn't even hold the horn up and all I could buzz was a middle C and a G below. After the first night, Frank Williams asked for volunteers to switch from baritone to contra. Realizing that contra was my only shot at making the corps, I switched. When Frank heard me individually at the end of the weekend make my best attempt at playing the lip slurs I had learned, his comment was "You must be a damn good clarinet player." He made me a deal - take a horn home between camps, practice, and as long as I was continuing to make progress, he'd let me stay.

What I lacked in skill and experience, I made up for in passion. The Cadets was where I had dreamed of being since I saw my first DCI Championship on PBS in 1990. All through that first summer, the physical and mental challenge of the corps was harder than anything I had ever done. I got a stress fracture in my right foot and kept going. Especially after the injury, I got up every morning and thought, "Yep - today's the day they cut me. Better enjoy every moment." Every time we played "Phillip Bliss" I was literally feeling bliss. Every night until my foot healed, I marched through the pain. Then we were running around the track outside of Houston, Texas a week before finals and I realized, "Wow - I'm still here!" The victory run-through in '93 was one of the most joyful moments of my life.

The Cadets taught me what a true work ethic is. Cadets taught me that I have everything within me to accomplish anything, create anything, and become anything I focus upon. Cadets taught me that passion and persistence create strange coincidences, synchronistic events, and honest-to-God magic. Cadets was the beginning of a long journey that leads to who I am today, a person who is taking "self-help" to a whole new level.

Tom West
Cadets Contra 93-94

For those of you that have supported The Cadets this year, I want to thank you for your continued support.  You have contributed to 2011 and made memories such as Tom’s possible for future Cadets.

 If you have not been able to donate to the corps yet, I want to invite you into our family this year:

  • I want YOU to be one of our valued donors in 2011.
  • I want YOU to get all of our special premium benefits.
  • I want to be proud to announce to the corps that YOU helped them travel across the country this summer.
  • I want YOU to help make the memories for the 2011 Cadets.

So please, take a look at the BRAND NEW Maroon and Gold Website and make your donation today!

Thank you for your time and I can’t wait to see you on the road this summer.  


Andrew Barlow
Director of Development, The Cadets


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