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Join us in prepping for Round Two of the 'Chase'

Build our community through USSBA, Cadets Facebook groups

The Chase Community Giving Program has presented Youth Education in the Arts with a tremendous opportunity to win a $500,000 grant to support music programs. After an outpouring of generosity within the Facebook community, YEA! has already won $25,000 and the opportunity to advance to Round Two in the ‘Chase’ from May 19-25.  chase sticker

Wait until you see what we have in store for our BIG IDEA as part of Round Two!  More details to come on that when Round Two launches on May 19. 

But for now, as we ramp up for the first day of voting next week, we encourage you to join our two new Facebook groups that connect two of YEA!’s largest programs – The Cadets and the US Scholastic Band Association - to YOU!

Please join in…

 ‘USSBA Chases $500K’ Facebook group

‘The Cadets Chase $500K’ Facebook group

 …and be part of the team that brings a much needed boost to music programs across the country. 

In these times of tight budgets, The Cadets, the USSBA and all the programs of YEA! Propose to do something about it – but we can’t do it without your help. 

Join the campaign by getting in on the ground level with YEA! Join these two groups and show your support as we bring the entire music community to support the future of music in our schools, and in people’s lives!

CLICK HERE to join the ‘USSBA Chases $500K’ Facebook group
CLICK HERE to join the ‘The Cadets Chase $500K’ Facebook group

Read more about YEA! and the Chase campaign.


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