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Rally your band to win the USSBA Facebook Championship

Support YEA!'s 'Big Idea' in the Chase March 4 Music

You and I both know that music and band are more than just playing notes on a page. It’s our life. This is where we have met our friends, created memories, and had a place to escape from the issues in our day to day lives.  With music programs being cut around the country, YOU might feel like there is nothing you can do to stop it, but you’re wrong. On May 20 help stand up for music by voting for Youth Education in the Arts on Facebook as part of the Chase Community Giving program. With a chance to win $500,000, we can help fight and stand up for music in the classroom. Come join and take part as we wear blue and spread the word to as many people as possible to vote for Youth Education in the Arts.   chase sticker

Please pass this message along to as many people you know and help start the chain reaction! 

Stand up for YEA! 

-When I was 5, years old I fell in love with my first marching band (A USSBA Band).
-When I was 8, I picked a band instrument because I wanted to be in the marching band.
-When I was 9, my sister was in marching band and I went to every competition to support her (It was with USSBA and I’ll never forget being in Giants Stadium watching her!).
-When I was 12, I was marching for the Huntington High School Blue Devils.
-When I was 14, I had lost my high school Drum Major and best friend. (It was at THAT moment I knew I needed to continue to work and help students.)
-When I was 15, I was a drum major for the Syracuse Brigadiers.
-When I was 17, I was my high school drum major.
-When I was 18, I went to a college that had one of the largest marching bands in the New England area!
-When I was 20, I was drum major for the UMass Minuteman Marching Band.
-When I was 22, I graduated and got my first job (working for the USSBA!) 

Youth Education in the Arts talks about “creating magnificent human beings through the performing arts.” I believe in that statement every day because I am walking proof of its success. Since the age of 5, music has been a part of my life and has molded me into the person that I am today.  Through the good times and the bad, music has always been there to help guide me and support me.  

 In today’s economy we hear of the budget cuts, programs suffering and changes in curriculum. I write to YOU the students because this is you and YOUR future. You go to school, sit in class, and take your tests to graduate. We look forward to our “electives” such as music, sports, clubs and more.  We learn about respect, teamwork, success and defeat as well as other life lessons and use THESE skills in our future. 

You always hear your teachers and parents tell you about elections and how every vote counts. IT IS TRUE! You can MAKE A DIFFERENCE, you can BE THE CHANGE, and you can STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN! 

My name is Jon Swengler and I support YEA! because I know that supporting YEA! is supporting Music. I ask YOU- the students - to join me on May 20 and vote for Youth Education in the Arts in the Chase Community Giving program. A vote for YEA! is a vote for Music, and with your support, we can help support music education in America and reach out to make sure that more students such as you can grow and become magnificent human beings, through the performing arts.

If you believe in music and it has had an effect on who YOU are today, please forward this message to as many people as you know and join me on May 20 as we stand together and vote for YEA! 

Thank you for your time and your vote! 

Rally Your Band to Win the USSBA Facebook National Championship 

The USSBA needs your vote to help save music in the schools. 

Everyone can vote beginning this Thursday at – search word “Youth Education in the Arts.” 

Simply type in “YOUR SCHOOL NAME Voted for YEA!” on the comments page when you vote and we’ll count it as an entry for your band. 

The school with the most entries will be the winner and will be crowned the first-ever USSBA Facebook National Champions and be presented with the “coveted” USSBA Facebook National Championship trophy in a special pep rally at your school.  

Youth Education in the Arts’ ‘Big Idea’ in the Chase Community Giving program is to create March 4 Music, a series of benefit charity walks and rallies to raise $3 million dollars for the benefit of high school music programs.


 At March 4 Music events, high school music students and their supporters will mobilize at events in major stadiums to raise funds and awareness for scholastic music, with individual schools earning up to $30,000 and keeping 100 percent of the proceeds they raise!  March for Music logo.jpg

Students will be invited to a kick-off event to be held in August in the New York area to launch the project and create excitement for the events to be held in 2012. Years from now, March 4 Music will be a sustainable funding resource for music in the schools, providing much needed private funding and groundswell of publicity to keep music education alive and well in communities across the country. 

Please vote for YEA! in Round Two of the Chase Community Giving program! Voting on Facebook begins on May 19 through midnight May 25. Go to – search word “Youth Education in the Arts.”  

A Vote 4 YEA! is a Vote 4 Music!


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