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Decision made to add two directors versus the one

After a bevy of interviews, the decision has been made to add not one director to the USSBA leadership, but to instead split the position in half, adding a Band Relations Manager as well as a Director of Operations. 

The interviews will move quickly, and there is every hope the USSBA will be fully staffed within 30 days.  Please read the information below and if interested, please forward resumes, cover letters, and questions to George Hopkins, CEO of Youth Education in the Arts, as soon as possible.  

Here is the detail regarding the positions: 

The Manager of Band Relations            

The person selected for this position will lead a team of three in providing communication and service to the bands of the USSBA. Critical to the position will be the active recruitment of bands to the overall marching circuit, and key events including the National Championship, State Championships, Regional Events, and other key programs. Also included here are relationships with the units involved in the ever expanding USSBA Indoor Program. 

Time Frame

  • The position will include much phone and e mail communication as well as personal visits. There is also an expectation that the team will attend most national and state music conferences.
  • Morning and post school are key times to communicate with band directors thus a 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. time frame will not be unusual. 
  • In addition, as a member of the USSBA team, there will be the need to work most Fall Weekends, Saturdays in February, March and April. 
  • YEA! has a number of team oriented efforts that include the entire staff. These might include fundraising events, special programs and other activity that requires participation. 
  • This position is not a telecommuting assignment. The candidate should live within an hour of Allentown due to the many events and the constant activity. 


  • We are looking for a driven, personable individual who will take total responsibility for organizing and providing director, event, and teacher service for the bands of the USSBA. 
  • Undergraduate degree would be expected. 
  • Experience within the world of scholastic music or pageantry would be a very big plus. 
  • The ability to begin shortly will be considered as this is a most active season for the USSBA. 

Salary and Bonus

  • A salary will be offered and performance incentives will be included per discussions. Salary will be based on experience. It would be helpful of any applicants will include their salary requirements. OF NOTE - YEA! is a not-for-profit that has been successful through the efforts of a passionate team of workers who believe in the cause of youth and their development through music. 
  • A full medical benefit is offered after six months of service. 
  • There is a contributory retirement plan offered. 
  • 15-17 days paid holidays plus two weeks of vacation after the first year of service. 

Summary: This is a position for one versed in the world of marching music. Communication with directors will be constant and the ability to understand the needs and desires of bands and their students will be critical. The successful candidate will love to talk band, love to share the benefits of the USSBA, and will be comfortable and happy as part of a team that is youthful, passionate and very, very driven. 

The position will answer to the Director of Operations of the USSBA but there will be direct responsibility for the customer and that will lead the manager of band relations to be active in marketing meetings, strategy meetings and event planning. 

The Director of Operations for the USSBA 

The person selected for this position will lead a team of 7-10 staff, all a part of the USSBA effort, and all a part of the entire Youth Education in the Arts effort.  The position, as re-defined is administrative. In an effort to free customer service to provide care and support, the operations director will be charged with the overall management of the entire $2 million USSBA operation. 

The Director of Operations for the USSBA will be part of the LEADER Team. Attendance at weekly leader meetings will be a part of the responsibilities. At such meetings, plans and execution strategies are discussed, framed and set to a schedule. The ability to interact with the various departments of the USSBA is critical to the position. 

Time Frame

  • As the leader of the team, it is expected that the DO will be available for most events most weekends and most activities. The DO is the face of the USSBA.
  • As above, many weekends, early mornings and late evenings will be a part of the position of LEADER! 
  • Travel will be included to events, to key meetings and to state and national conferences. 


  • Undergraduate degree would be expected. 
  • A degree in business, an MBA, or experience in the world of non-profit business would be very, very helpful. 
  • Past experience managing a team would be desirable. 
  • It would be preferred but not mandatory, that the candidate have experience in the world of marching music or pageantry. What would be expected that regardless work experience; there is a great passion for the mission of Youth Education in the Arts. This is not a position for someone looking for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. employment. This is a position for someone looking to lead the largest scholastic music program in the country to higher ground. 

Responsibilities would include but not be limited to:

  • Preparation and administration of a departmental budget. 
  • Strategic planning for the department in cooperation with the CEO. 
  • Contract analysis and writing for all events. 
  • Oversight of event management through the event manager and volunteer coordinator for the USSBA. 
  • Management of USSBA contracted staff and admin team active at events and other activity. 
  • Weekly analysis of event results ... management and coordination of ever growing activity. 
  • As mentioned, visits to band directors at conventions, as well as one and one and other small groups as able and necessary. 
  • Management of the Human Relations aspect of the USSBA. You are the team leader. 

Salary and Benefits

  • This will be a salaried position with a review after six months and one year. 
  • Benefits include medical, retirement and vacation after six months. Depending on experience, some aspects of these benefits could be negotiable. 
  • 15-17 days of paid company vacation are included.

APPLY for either position by emailing your resume and cover letter (Please -- even if you have applied before) to George Hopkins at

Interviews will begin Tuesday, June 7.


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