Cadets preview show in Allendale, N.J., prior to Summer Tour

Hundreds cheer on the corps; celebrate at pizza party

Demons on field.jpg

Demons on the field at Northern Highlands High School during The Cadets Preview Show. Below, caps are presented to corps members by the Holy Name North Jersey alumni chapter.

Hundreds of family members, supporters, alumni and fans put their faith in Mother Nature on Saturday, hoping the rain would hold off and they would see "Between Angels and Demons" on the field! 253808_2025702077408_1089690298_32408694_5673687_n.jpg

Their good thoughts paid off as the 2011 Cadets presented a near complete program in full uniform at Northern Highlands High School in Allendale, N.J. Here are just a few of the comments following the corps performance that created quiet the buzz::

It was awesome. i was at the cadets experience w/ some friends. i wish i had the chance to meet the drum major but i love the show this year, its sick. cant wait to see you guys in Allentown & at Giants Stadium. - Megan

Loved it...great show! - Ellen

The show was amazing! Can't wait to see it all finished. - Katelyn

Love it and can't wait to see it again! - Steven

Definitely one of my favorite Cadets shows of all time. Love my friends in the drumline and the hornline and Guard are amazing. Hope you guys take home the gold. - Stacey 248241_2025700157360_1089690298_32408687_3213473_n.jpg

I loved that it was both accesible and entertaining while at the same time it gave you so much to look for. Such a simple done so well. Typical Cadets! Go get 'em this year! See you in 6 weeks! - Nick

We came and it was wonderful. The music was beautiful and the movements were amazing. So much to watch at once, but we were watching the Angels the most. - Jean

Following the performance, The Cadets celebrated the coming season with alumni and family during a Pizza Party and Caps for Cadets Presentation hosted by the Holy Name North Jersey Alumni Chapter.

See a full gallery of photos of the North Jersey Preview Event on The Cadets Facebook page.


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