The Cadets push through the elements in Idaho

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


After a free day, a holiday, a long bus ride and a few hours of sleep in the gym, July 5 turned out to be a challenging day for The Cadets. While the sunrise was certainly beautiful, the corps hadn’t seen temperatures over 75 degrees in at least a week, so Idaho’s high of 95 came as a bit of a wake-up call. Several of the kids ended up sitting out of rehearsal for various reasons, but no one was seriously injured.

The thick grass was tough on the members as well, after what seems like weeks on turf. Although The Cadets certainly don’t expect turf fields, marching on grass feels a bit like trying to run in sand after running on concrete. It’s totally doable; the leg muscles just have to adjust to how much effort it takes to push through the extra resistance.

Trying days are to be expected on tour, and yesterday was certainly one of them. A lot is expected of this great Cadet corps regardless of the elements, so excuses are a bit irrelevant. But there’s no need to worry; it usually takes about a day to readjust to heat and grass. The Cadets will be stronger and more adaptable after yesterday.

The corps packed up and headed to the show at 7:35 p.m. as planned and performed last at 9:56 p.m. The judges gave it an 80.30.


The convoy pulled into South Jordan, Utah at 6:30 a.m. today and will wake up at 8:00 a.m. The high today is 88 degrees, with yet another gorgeous mountain view. The corps will be on third from the end at the show tonight, before Phantom Regiment and the Blue Devils. It will be interesting to throw some more competitors back into the mix, as The Cadets haven’t seen these corps since they were in Stockton, Calif. on June 26.


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