Nebraska heat challanges The Cadets

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


After spending weeks out west, Nebraska’s humidity caught everyone completely off guard. Today was one of the hottest 91-degree days anyone at The Cadets has ever experienced. The corps crammed their marching, sectional and ensemble rehearsals into a grand total of four hours during the hottest part of the day, and a few members had to sit out due to dehydration. At 4:30 p.m., they packed and headed to Omaha for the show.


Now that the corps is comfortable with the show, George is playing with the corps’ entrance onto the field. Tonight, the demons emerged from behind some trees behind the end zone. The crowd applauded as they taunted the angels and took the field.



The Cadets were on early, and the performance was a little less than their best, especially considering the heat and humidity. Everyone finished the show, but some members suffered from heat exhaustion immediately afterwards.102_8051.jpg

They came in third last night, just behind the Blue Devils.

April Gilligan, who is in town for a few days to oversee colorguard rehearsals, said the design team has already had several more hours of meetings regarding new changes to the show. The Cadets will have four full days of rehearsal in Minnesota to break things down again before the first regional competition in Minneapolis on Saturday.

In the mean time, Nebraska’s weather continues to oppose us. A policeman pulled up to the housing site at 2:00 a.m. and told the admin and design team to evacuate their bus (home) for the night due to 75-mile-an-hour winds and bad storms. Tornado watches are in effect.



The drum corps is up at 8:00 a.m., and will be doing laundry tomorrow night.



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