Help Bunnell High School Buy New Uniforms

Online Contest Could Raise 25 K For Much-Needed New Look

After 23 years with the same design, Bunnell High School marching band members feel new band uniforms are a refreshing idea.


Meanwhile, Pepsi is giving away millions in an online voting contest to fund "great ideas that refresh the world." See where this is going?

A US Scholastic Band Association member located in Stratford, Conn., Bunnell High School's Pepsi Refresh project online application notes their idea will help more than 150 students for up to 15 years. Maybe even longer, since "we haven't had a new uniform since 1988" as a member states in the site's video. With no other funding available, the Pepsi contest is certainly worth a try.

According to Pepsi, anyone can help Bunnell hold their heads high with a much-needed new look at their next performance by voting for their new-uniform idea at the site: The band is currently in 13th place in the $25K funding tier.

"We'd like to be refreshed!" says a band member on the video, posing in the dated uniform fellow members deride as "hideous" "horrible" and "ratty." The band, running in the "arts & music" category, hopes to be one of 15 awardees for the month.

Voters can choose up to five new ideas every day. There's also a way to "power vote" and get up to 100 extra votes by entering up to 10 codes daily found on Pepsi products. There's more information on the site at

Voting in this third grant cycle ends July 31. Power voting codes must be used by Sept. 30, 2011. Finalists are announced Aug. 1 and confirmed Aug. 23.


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