Be the First on Your Block with the MaroonTube iPhone App

Search, Submit, & Enjoy Cadets videos

maroontube250.jpgAre you craving a parking lot warm-up?
Did something just remind you of the 2000 drum feature and you’ve got to see it right now?
Do you want to show your friends the most recent All Access episode?
Well now the Cadets are with you wherever you go, as the Cadets invite you to download their iPhone app MaroonTube as it goes live for fans!  Download it now at
The best part is that it’s absolutely FREE!
Initially designed to deliver you classic Cadets moments and the most recent videos posted on YouTube, eventually MaroonTube will expand to include late-breaking news, scores, schedules and just about every feature you need to keep the Cadets with you all the time.
Download MaroonTube now and be one of the first kids on your block to have access to the  77 years of tradition, from the street corners of Garfield, NJ to the latest twists and turns from the Angels & Demons.


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