Day 4 of rehearsal in Chanhassen brings more rain, but The Cadets are ready

Angel and Demon Dairy: Cadets daily updates from the road


Yesterday, the rain continued, and the skies stayed dark well into the afternoon. (The above picture was taken at 11:13 a.m.) After a couple hours of trying to stay dry, The Cadets headed outside to rehearse in the rain for most of the day. With a turf field, there aren’t many excuses to stay inside.

“It was mentally taxing and frustrating,” said age-out tuba player Lloyd Ferguson. “It just kind of threw everyone off, but we pushed through and ended up having a very, very productive ensemble,” he said.

Meanwhile, the entire Cadets’ admin team piled into two vehicles to drive to TCF Bank Stadium at The University of Minnesota to get a look at any obstacles we may encounter between here and the first regional performance tonight.

2011-07-15 14.50.51.jpg

There is construction all around the stadium, so the buses and trucks may have serious parking issues. The Cadets’ schedule has been adjusted accordingly so that there’s plenty of time built in for surprises.

The team also timed the walk from the warm-up facility to the stadium and planned out where each section of the corps will be entering the field tonight (front ensemble, angels, demons).



The main tunnel entrance has “1934” right above it in maroon and gold.

Back at Chanhassen High School, the clouds parted just in time for the last rehearsal block of the day.


At 9:30 p.m., The Cadets cleared the field of everything from the drum major podium, to the guard equipment, to the pit. Everyone lined up in the end zone as if it were a show, and when George said “Go,” practiced getting on field in less than five minutes.


It went smoothly, and when time was up, they performed Between Angels and Demons for the Chanhassen, Minn. community. Because of the weather, The Cadets weren’t in full uniform for the community show, but they did put on Dinkles and shakos to readjust to the feeling of doing the show in uniform after several days off.


After the run-through and encore, The Cadets enthusiastcally thanked Chanhassen for being such gracious hosts this week.


Many may be glad to hear that a mechanic finally came this morning to fix the generator on the volunteer RV. It was definitely a big expense, but the generator has been a problem all summer. Now our volunteers will finally have some air conditioning, just in time for the second week in Texas.

2011-07-14 09.15.47.jpg

The corps woke up at 7:30 a.m. to get to work. “We are more than ready,” George Hopkins said this morning.

Today is Joe Roche’s last day with The Cadets until quarterfinals, and after their work-out, he brought everyone into the band room to watch Matthew McConaughey’s motivational speech from the film We Are Marshall.

“I’m sorry I’m kinda losin’ it,” Joe said when the clip finished. “It’s been a long week. It’s been a good week. And you’ve come a long way. I’m gonna miss you,” he told The Cadets. “Make ‘em remember.”


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