A little extra water and shade go a long way

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


Rose Hill, Kansas didn’t seem to have much more than corn fields and a nice turf stadium, and the high was 101 degrees. The Cadets tried out George’s new, hydration-friendly schedule with 20-minute water and shade breaks about every hour. (This isn’t to say that they didn’t get to drink water before; they just have a little more down time now.)

IMAG0656.jpgThe members appreciated the gesture. “It’s great,” said tenor drummer Andrew Rubano. “We rehearsed for about the same amount of time, but the water I drank went so much further to keep me hydrated.”

Sections gathered in patches of shade to sit and drink water between portions of rehearsal. “Today wasn’t nearly as bad as yesterday,” said trumpet section leader Kendra Orcutt. “The breeze kept everyone a lot cooler, and the longer water breaks helped a lot.”

 “The thing is, The Cadets just have to march an eleven-and-a-half-minute show. It’s not a marathon, so they don’t need to practice rehearsing for three hours without stopping,” said Neal Flum, who is here for the week helping out with the drumline. “I almost look at it like a sprint. We need to teach them to go at a high level of intensity for shorter bursts of time.”


At 5:15 p.m., The Cadets took much-needed showers, ate some tacos and packed their bags. They left for Kansas State University in Wichita at 7:00.

The stadium was a little further than normal from the warm-up lots, but all sections arrived to the gate perfectly on time at 9:25. They sang and took the field, last night from the front gates instead of the back because of stadium logistics.


It was another excellent performance. The guard had to fight through some wind, and the horns and drums were marching in rather thick grass, but the audience was none-the-wiser. “That was an incredible show,” said Nicholas Watkins, who is volunteering on the food truck this week. “I was high up on the 45, and they looked and sounded amazing. The crowd was going crazy. They gave them like three standing ovations.”


Last night was another short drive, this time to Jenks, Oklahoma. The high is 97 today – four degrees cooler than yesterday. Every little bit helps. The Cadets are rehearsing in another nice, turf stadium, and longer water breaks are built into the schedule again.


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