The Cadets rehearse at the show site in Houston, Tex.

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


The Cadets have begun their second swing through Texas, and the corps is going strong. Yesterday and today they are rehearsing at The Richard E. Berry Educational Support Center, a beautiful facility shared by several schools in the Houston area. The Houston Tournament of Champions show will be hosted there tonight.

There are some advantages to staying at the show site – the corps can get comfortable with performing in that particular arena, and the staff can listen to blend and balance in the stadium where they will be judged. This does mean The Cadets will have to end rehearsals a little early though, to have time to shower and get out of the stadium before the show starts.

Unfortunately, The Berry Center staff wouldn’t allow the corps to stay there overnight, so The Cadets had an hour-long commute to and from the high school where they slept last night. The color guard spent the entire day at the housing site an hour away from the rest of the drum corps yesterday due to a lack of extra fields at The Berry Center. They seemed to enjoy having the day to themselves.

The Cadets will host a DCI clinic today in the midst of preparing for tonight’s show. The kids will get an inside look at the world of drum corps, from a tour of trucks and buses to a personal escort around the field during ensemble.

The admin team washed the uniforms again yesterday and picked up numerous members of the design team from the airport. Gino Cipriani is back, as well as Front Ensemble Supervisor Ian Moyer.

The Cadets are on last tonight at 10:20 p.m. and will again perform an instant encore and a mass encore with the rest of DCI’s top eight.


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