Cadets host clinic and perform in second TOC show in Houston

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


IMAG0672.jpgThe Cadets’ second day at The Berry Center in Houston, Tex. was both successful and educational. The corps maintained a normal rehearsal schedule, while building in some time to let local high school students experience drum corps from the inside.

Eric Kitchenman, the director of YEA!’s Urban Arts Center in Allentown, headed up the clinic of about 150 band students. He led them on tours and explained the different aspects of the activity. During The Cadets’ ensemble rehearsal, Eric brought the kids into the end zone for a field-level view of the corps.

George even went a step further. Two at a time, he led students to safe zones on the field based on which portion of the show The Cadets were working on.

IMAG0692.jpgThe kids had their cameras and cell phones out as they watched the drum battle from just feet away. It was certainly a memorable experience.

After ensemble, The Cadets showered and ate dinner; then George bused them across the street for some Sonic ice cream on him. A few generous members volunteered to stay back at the show in uniform to greet fans at the gate. It’s a unique experience for audience members to talk with Cadets in uniform; it’s a great experience for both the members and the fans, and it goes a long way to humanize the kids on the field. The “William Tell” ensemble and the bass drums also stayed to play at the souvenir stand, but George made sure they got some ice cream as well.


The Cadets had a great show in the now familiar stadium and are within a point of first place. It’s a very exciting year for DCI, and anything could happen. The Cadets are working hard today in San Antonio’s 103-degree heat to get ready for the regional in the Alamodome tonight.





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