Cadets still adding to the end of the show, more improvement to come

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


102_8317.jpgThe Cadets have left Texas for good, and the heat continues. The high is 105 today in Edmond, Oklahoma, and the kids are out on the turf. George continues to build a little water and shade time into the schedule during ensemble, and it’s up to the caption supervisors how to deal with the heat during marching and sectionals.

The color guard used the new brand new set of “T-flags” in last night’s show, and it added even more to the visual package at the end. At the climax of the closer, several guard members run from the front sideline to the back with long, white banners trailing behind them.

The hornline also added a new visual last night; now all of the angels point towards Heaven as they crescendo the last note of the show. There will continue to be little tweaks and color guard changes to the end of the show as the season continues.


The Cadets are hard at work this week to improve, and marching is a main focus. The corps does very well in music and effect captions, but the marching scores aren’t quite where they need to be. This is actually pretty normal for The Cadets considering their fast marching and straight-leg technique. It’s definitely a challenge, and The Cadets are famous for reaching an entirely new level of excellence and cleanliness in the last few weeks of the season.



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