Hopkins Plans Hop Across Texas

Accompanied by his daughter, The Cadets' director schedules annual clinics

George Hopkins, along with his daughter, Katie Hopkins (movement and guard) will be visiting Texas for 10 days to host several clinics.

These clinics, conducted by this director and program coordinator of The Cadets, can be shaped to any way desired. Program design, rehearsal techniques and motivational speaking (from the staff perspective) are all topics that can be discussed.

But — it's time to make reservations before it's too late and the train moves on to other locations.

After just a few days, the route of the Texas tour is beginning to take shape — note the schedule below:

  • Oct. 4, 5, 6 — location to be determined
  • Friday, Oct. 7 — San Antonio area
  • Weekend — no time available (judging)
  • Monday, Oct. 10 — Tyler, Texas (afternoon)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 11 — location to be determined
  • Wednesday, Oct. 12 — Houston area

Please reserve a time and place and try to lock into the route that seems to be taking shape.


  • Oct. 4 & 5 — Dallas
  • Oct. 6 — Austin
  • Oct. 7 — San Antonio
  • Oct. 11 & 12 — Houston

We are flexible and we will make it happen. And, yes, Hopkins could stay a day or two more if needed. Another consideration might be to attend a football game to offer an evaluation, to sit with the staff and review a video.

For more information, contact George Hopkins at Hopkins@YEA.org.


For a great assortment of USSBA shows in the region go to: www.USBands.org


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