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Attend the Alumni Reception & Hall of Fame Ceremony Aug. 7

Just a week until the big events at New Meadowlands Stadium and we need to hear from you to be sure you are attending the Alumni Reception and Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony at New Meadowlands Stadium, 4–6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 7.

As of Friday, here is a list of the Cadets Alumni who will be attending the Annual Reunion and Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony:

Alan Devito Ed Frenzel Lorraine Letizia
Albert Mura Frank Dorritie Lou Ann Selleroli
Allen Handzo George King Lynn Cinzio
Andy Warntz George Lea Margee Gearhart
Anthony Bartello Ginny Wildt Magda  Marie DiDomenico
Arthur Mura Greg Cinzio Mark Hall
Bill Kardash Jack Day Melinda Kopac-Eshbach
Brian Wilkie Jackie Genest Murray Michael Klesch
Cathie Healey Jackie Michelli Michele De Rosa
Cheryl Gillick Jeff Sacktig Patrick Vazquez
Christine Tripucka-Gilbert Jerry Chirichella Patti Trojanowski
Cindi DeVivo Jim Prime Paul DeLIberto
Colleen Collins Joan Joly Paul Wall
Danielle Merson Judy & Michael Ulchinsky Renee (Lapadura) Strutton
David Shaw Karen Protopapas Richard Kozel
Dean Broadbent Karl Fortsch Rick Walsh
Debra Genest Golder Kathleen Duffy Robert DeFelice
Dee Schlachter Kelly Barr-Sophy Sandy VanRomer Kennedy
Dennis Aquilina Kelly Smith Scotty McGarry
Dennis Bradley Ken Shedosky Sophie Cinzio
Diane Keeny Kenny Dempsey Stuart Tomeske
Diane Kern Keren Cinzio (Gordon) Terri Kuklinski
Don Koch Kristy Alexander Lemieux Todd Ullrich
Donna Shiavone Lillian Petrullo Warren Corman
Dr. Joseph R. Cinzio Linda Evans Wendy and Don Dorer
E.Lee Nicol Linda Wildt-Perrotta William Sickert-Bush
    Eric Santo
    Willy Higgins



Wednesday - Little Rock, Ark.
World Class Scores  
1  The Cadets  92.250
2  Cavaliers  91.900
3  Santa Clara Vanguard
4  The Academy

If you already have tickets, please RSVP to receive your Alumni Reception ticket. It is complimentary, but you must have a ticket to enter at 4 p.m.

If you have not ordered tickets, you will need to buy a ticket and have an Alumni Reception ticket to attend. You can purchase your ticket here and order your free reception ticket here.

Monday is the last day to RSVP to be included in the Alumni Reception in order for New Meadowlands Stadium to properly staff for our event. You will be forwarded an e-ticket for admission to the event early next week.

Here’s the run-down of events for the day:

  • 4 PM — The Cadets Alumni Reception Begins in the Lexus Club on the Mezzanine Level of the stadium. The Corps will be rehearsing so you can grab a few minutes of ensemble, or relax and reconnect in the air-conditioned comfort of the Lexus Club
  • 5 PM — The Cadets Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony honoring the Class of 2011: Susan Erben, Will Higgins, Richard “Scotty” McGarry and Ed Frenzel.
  • 6 PM — The Cadets Alumni Reception concludes as does the 2011 Cadets on-field rehearsal.
  • 6–7:30 PM — The VIP Reception exclusively for the VIP ticketholders (order here) and 2011 Maroon & Gold members is held in the West Hall Club on the main concourse
  • 6–7:30 PM — The Tour of Champions pre-show performances begin, featuring small ensembles and "meet and greet" with members of the evening’s performing corps
  • 7:30 PM — The kick off of the Tour of Champions
  • 9 PM — Intermission including the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and a special tribute to the traditional Cadets uniform
  • 10:20 PM — The Cadets perform
  • 10:50 PM — En masse Grand Finale with combined brass of the evening’s performers

Tickets for the Tour of Champions Grand Finale are available at VIP and Super Premium tickets are selling quickly, but there are still plenty of great Premium and Reserved seats still available. Seats on the mezzanine level are also selling fast, so if you are interested in those seats, you are encouraged to order early.

Additional August Events and Dates for Cadets Alumni

brew worksWednesday, Aug. 3
West Chester University, West Chester, Pa.
The Cadets host Blue Devils, The Cavaliers, Madison Scouts and Santa Clara Vanguard
Order tickets here.

5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6
Annual DCI East Pre-event Gathering at the Allentown Brewworks, Ninth & Hamilton streets
Click here to complete the RSVP form

6:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6
DCI Eastern Classic at J. Birney Crum Stadium, Allentown, Pa.
Order tickets here.

Sunday, Aug. 7
Tour of Champions Grand Finale at New Meadowlands Stadium, E. Rutherford, N.J.
Order tickets here
RSVP here for the Hall of Fame ceremony and annual alumni gathering

Thursday, Aug. 11
DCI World Championship Prelims at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Ind.
Order tickets here

cadets alumni

Friday, Aug. 12
Annual DCI Championship gathering at Palomino’s, Downtown Indianapolis

8 AM Saturday, Aug. 7
DCI World Championship Semifinals
Order tickets here

Saturday, Aug. 13
Annual Championship Breakfast at Knightstown High School, Knightstown, Ind.

Sunday, Aug. 14
DCI World Championship Finals
Order tickets here

Sunday, Aug. 14
The Cadets Annual Member Banquet at The Westin in Indianapolis
Order tickets here



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