Cadets tied for first heading into Atlanta tonight

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


In an interesting turn of events, The Cadets tied the Blue Devils for first place last night in Murfreesboro with a score of 93.15.


While the tarps aren’t going into the end of the show until the Atlanta regional tonight, The Cadets incorporated all other color guard changes, as well as some rather spontaneous effects. As they enter the field, the demons throw cones out of the way, and last night they brought an extra prop.


Back in Salt Lake City, a baritone was unfortunately run over by a local soccer mom who was picking up her son from the school where The Cadets were rehearsing. It was a frustrating accident at the time, but there was nothing anyone could do, so the flattened baritone has lived in a closet on the admin/design bus… until now.


At the show last night, the demons drug the useless horn onto the field with them and threw it around a bit for extra shock factor. The audience was caught off-guard and some of the crowd seemed either concerned or even a little offended as the demons hurled the once musical piece of metal across the field. While The Cadets would never intentionally destroy a perfectly good Yamaha instrument, at least this one can still go to good use. After all, a demon should have a bit of an offensive, startling effect.


While many staff members thought The Cadets lacked a bit of their energetic edge last night, it was Jon Bilby’s first chance to see the show in uniform. After one day of being on the road, he said he completely loves the show. Bilby said that he’s really missed being here these past few years (he took a few years off of tour to get married and start a family).

 “The show is just amazing,” he told me in his charming British accent at the food truck last night while we waited for the horn line to return from mass encore. “I mean, there are a few things to fix here and there, but nothing we can’t do in two weeks,” he said.

And fix things they will until ensemble ends at 5:45 this afternoon. The Cadets are rehearsing at Sandy Creek High School in Tyrone, Georgia today, and they’re on second-to-last tonight in the Georgia Dome at 10:42 p.m.


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