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YEA! and The Cadets seek new director

Drum corps operations position busy job in summer

The Cadets and Youth Education in the Arts will be adding a full-time staff member to the team come September.

The director of drum corps operations will work with both The Cadets and Cadets 2. This is an operational position wrapped around the effective and efficient management of both organizations. The successful individual understands that there are 14 weekends, a 30-day spring training session and a 60-day summer tour involved. Along with the remainder of the team, there will be breaks and vacations worked out, but there is no denying this is a time-intensive summer position.

Coordinated through the director of performing ensembles, the corps ops manager will spend time with both groups thereby weekends and long stretches of the summer will be occupied. As the director, the individual selected will work with the director of performing ensembles and the director of The Cadets directly on a day-to-day basis.


Responsibilities include:

  • Management of camp weekends for both corps
  • Management of spring training for The Cadets
  • Tour with The Cadets

In addition to the above, the director of corps operations is part of the Youth Education in the Arts team and is expected to:

  • Assist at USSBA band competitions
  • Assist at USSBA indoor events

Skills required:

  • Organizational skills: Manage all of the aspects of a drum corps
  • Planning skills: Set up a summer season
  • People skills: Work with volunteers, staff, hosts, moms and dads, and members
  • Lots and lots of communication skills
  • Technology skills: From Excel to mail programs to Google docs and other formats including corps data, we ask you to at least be along the curve in terms of technology

Salary for this position will be $30–40K or more depending upon experience, background, passion and skills. YEA! offers a benefits package that would include two weeks vacation, 15 office holidays (paid), medical benefits, and a contributory retirement plan.

Strong preference will be given to those who have been involved in touring drum corps, or other like-touring situations. Frankly, The Cadets are proud of their service to youth, and expect to grow in service as Cadets 2 is added.

Applications and letters of interest will be received now. Interviews will begin Aug. 23 and the position should be filled by Sept. 15 at the absolute latest. The candidate DOES need to live near or relocate to within an hour of the city of Allentown.

Send resume, cover letter and all convincing information to George Hopkins at No phone calls please, but if you see Hopkins on tour, he will be happy to discuss the position.

The reason for this summer advertisement is that summer is when likely candidates who do this and want to do this are alive and well. Come fall, bands and other activities take them away. The successful candidate has the passion, the time, the commitment and the absolute drive to make a difference for kids through drum corps administration — and not with just one corps, but two.

More info will be forthcoming, but for now YEA! and The Cadets are looking forward to receiving all letters of interest.


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