Night Beat unfortunately cancelled last night due to weather

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road

Last night Night Beat became The Cadets’ first rained-out show of the season. We arrived fairly late since the corps was on last, and The Blue Stars were already performing. Soon after, the sky took on a greenish color, lightning flashed close by, and the officials evacuated everyone from the stadium. The Cadets' trucks and trailors stayed hitched and loaded as we waited for the word.

Several corps returned to their buses from warm-up, and everyone stayed on their buses while the rain started, stopped and started again.

Justin Heimbecker was with the show officials when they made the final call. “The show had to finish by a certain time, which means it had to start by a certain time as well,” he explained. “Unfortunately, they had to cancel even though the rain was passing. Lightning was still in the air.”

It was a shame to call off the Night Beat show; tickets had sold out in a matter of days after they went on sale, and fans were even paying $20 to sit in the visitor stands on the back sideline.

Today is The Cadets’ first rehearsal day in a while, and tonight will be their final chance to get some laundry done before they fly home from Indianapolis in less than two weeks. The corps is staying at Parry McCluer High School in the very small town of Buena Vista, Virginia today and tomorrow.


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