Short day, great weather, fabulous show

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road

IMAG0817.jpgLawrence, Mass. gave The Cadets the break from the heat they’ve needed for a long time. The high was in the 80s yesterday with a light breeze and big, fluffy clouds. “It was a perfect day for rehearsal,” said veteran trumpet player Mike Tanzos.

Burlington High School may be one of the best northeastern housing sites we’ve had; the turf field was brand new, and the showers were nice and warm. Unfortunately, the convoy pulled in two hours behind schedule, so the rehearsal schedule was pretty tight. The visual staff only got an hour and a half to clean drill, and there was time to do little more than warm up the hornline before ensemble. The corps only had 30 minutes for lunch, but the food crew was nice enough to bring it to the stadium to save the members some time.

IMAG0821.jpgAt this point in the season, The Cadets can’t let any variables affect their performances, and so far they’re going strong. “The Cadets performance this evening was unbelievable – one of the most emotional performances I have seen,” George Hopkins said after the show last night. “Standing ovations with a minute left are why we are here.”

The audience truly loves this Cadet corps, and it will only become more exciting after they have a little time to clean today (with no show tonight) and prepare for big shows at home in Allentown and the brand new Giants’ Stadium. “We work now for the performance of a life time Saturday and even better on Sunday!” George said.

The Cadets are up at 9:00 today and will rehearse until just after sunset at 8:30 p.m.



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