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Sunday 7AM Meadowlands Weather Update from The Cadets

The Tour of Champions Grand Finale at the New Meadowlands Stadium is a GO!

The Cadets have been in contact with the weather service and after a rainy Saturday evening, here is our expectations for weather this Sunday.

The heavy rain will be clearing throughout the morning.  Clearing will occur from west to east, with a chance of isolated storms through the late afternoon and early evening.  As of this morning, the radar is clear, but there is a good chance the afternoon is going to be wet! 

We expect no rain from 7pm to the end of the show. Total rain expected after 6 pm --- .05 inches 

So, all should be great!

But, in case you are worried:

> We have made arrangements with the stadium and we CAN delay the start if necessary 

> We have spoken to the corps and all are willing to do whatever it takes.

> There is plenty of space in the stadium to stay out of the elements.  Especially for everyone in the mezzanine level, you will be able to sit in air conditioned comfort if there would be a slight chance of inclement weather.

SO,  it may be rainy on and off throughout day, but Sunday evening is going to see the best of drum corps in the Meadowlands Stadium  for the Tour of Champions Finale!

We have a record advance sale and tickets will be available at the gate!  We hope you will join us for the final showdown between The Cadets, Blue Devils, The Cavaliers, Carolina Crown, Phantom Regiment, Bluecoats, Santa Clara Vanguard and the Blue Stars before next week's World Championships.


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