Cadets prepare for last regular season show tonight

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road

The Cadets rehearsed all day in Indiana, Pa. yesterday and performed a run-through at the end of the day for the community. Last year, we stayed at Indiana Area High School for a few days, so some eager locals were a little disappointed to see the corps leave so soon. It was a good turnout for the small town of Indiana, and a good opportunity for The Cadets to perform again, even though they weren’t in uniform.

A temporary charter bus arrived in the middle of the day to get the color guard from Pennsylvania to Ohio, and a better one will be arriving today to get us through the last week.

The Cadets are rehearsing in Magnolia, Ohio today until the show in Massillon tonight. It’s a small town, but the school is great and the weather is perfect, with a high of only 83 degrees.

“This drum corps is actually pretty good,” Drill Designer and Visual Caption Supervisor Jeff Sacktig said with a smile. He said that at this point, the strategy is just to sweep through the show one last time to make sure all the sections are solid.

“We’re past the point that we need to really break things down and tediously go from set to set,” Jeff said. “Now we’re just working on nailing longer phrases the first time.  And they’re doing really well with that. Today we’ve actually got some pretty long, thick grass, and they did well.”

It’s very unusual for The Cadets to compete during these three days before finals. Monday through Wednesday is usually the hardest set of rehearsal days all summer, but having a show on the second day really breaks up to monotony.

“It’s weird not having these three long rehearsal days before championships,” Jeff said. “But we’ll see how it goes. It might actually be really good for us. We’ll have one day of rehearsal, and then Thursday may just seem like another show.”

The Cadets will leave Magnolia at 6:00 p.m. today, and they perform tonight at precisely 8:42 p.m. Jeff said this has been a great stadium for us in the past. “It’s got a big overhang, so the corps sounds great,” he said.


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