US Scholastic Band Association to hire three seasonal staff

Positions will begin September 5

The US Scholastic Band Association, a program of Youth Education in the Arts, is hiring three folks to assist with the coming band season.

In a related move, the search for a Director of the USSBA has not produced the ideal candidate. Said George Hopkins, the CEO, " we had our eye on the perfect director, we were close to a deal, we felt good about the possibility but at the end of the day, the relocation issues combined with his feelings for his current position had him decline the offer. We are disappointed but we will continue to search".

In the interim, Rich Hammond, who recently came to the USSBA as the director of band relations will take on the role of interim director immediately. In addition, once the Cadets tour is complete on August 13th, George Hopkins will take an active role in the management of the department as the band season moves ever so close.

With the slowdown in hiring, the decision has been made to locate people to fill three positions.

All three positions will be within the offices of YEA! in Allentown. Within the USSBA our goal is to provide the best in service to band directors and students as we manage over 150 events this fall. With 750 or so participating bands the challenges are many but the rewards are spectacular.

What is the same for all:

- Begin September 5th
- all positions pay $575 per week ( including weekends)
- all positions are through December 23rd. There is the possibility for future employment but no guarantee.
- all positions will include weekend work beginning the weekend of September 23rd.
- all postions will report to the director of the USSBA
- being the shirt term nature of the work, there will be no benefits offered. There are just a few Sundays you will be off over the time frame.
- Hours are normally 8:30 -- 5:30 pm but the USSBA has swing hours sometimes that might go from 7 am - 4 pm.
- Age 21 or older, a college degree would be of assistance, a great personality, the ability to work long hours with joy and enthusiasm, understanding Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft Office products.

As for the specifics:

Customer Relations (2 positions open)

- In short, these positions are phone and e-mail related. The job is to get bands into shows, to provide information to band directors, to follow up after events and in short, to make sure that the band directors are cared for. You will be assigned folks to call and follow up with -- pretty simple but you have to be enjoy phone work and conversation. In addition there are e mails to write etc as we work and work to make sure the band and director are ready to go.
- Weekends you will assist at the actual events. You could be part of the concourse crew, or the band guides, or the event operation team. These events vary in location and time but you should expect to be working for the USSBA most weekends from September 23- November 13th.
- other than that ... the job involves teamwork and assisting as requested.

Administrative Assistant to the Department

- We are simply looking for 1 person to assist the management team (and there is much to be done).
- Returning calls, writing letters, shipping boxes, loading trucks, talking to sponsors, judge and others ... all that you would expect in a crazy office like the USSBA.

To apply for any of these three positions, write to Rich Hammond, the acting director of the USSBA at We will begin reviewing the applications on the 17th of August with quick callbacks expected.

The US Scholastic Band Association (USSBA) was formed in the Fall of 1988 to provide high school band programs with a competitive circuit featuring the best adjudicators from across the continent and a world class venue for the US Scholastic Band Championship. Today, the USSBA boasts membership of over 700 participating high school marching bands. Each year, bands are offered 150 festival opportunities as well as invitations to compete at major Regional Championships and the US Scholastic Band Championship. Bands in the USSBA compete in eighteen different classes from Class I A to Class VI Open, performing and competing with other bands of like size and talent. In the recent past, USSBA has begun to support high school concert music programs as well.

For more information write to Rich at


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