One last day of rehearsal brings The Cadets to Quarterfinals day

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


It’s Quarterfinals day!

After a rained-out show on Tuesday night, The Cadets pushed through one last long rehearsal day yesterday. We’ve got a brand new turf stadium at Knightstown High School in the tiny town of Knightstown, Indiana, and the weather is beautiful.

Everything is falling into place, and this is the week of last times. The pit is counting down how many more times they have to load the truck; the age outs are counting down to their last marching block. And the corps did their last full run of the show (out of uniform) last night. Though Gino noted that the hornline’s chops were tired, the staff agreed that it was a great, energetic last run-through.


The admin team washed uniforms for the last time, and today we’re painting demon Dinkles. The members also gutted their buses last night. Every bus box, rug, window cling and bungee cord is gone and the floors are swept. Their mobile homes are now just charter buses that will shuttle them to and from Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Cadets will rehearse until 5:30 today; buses and trucks leave for Lucas Oil Stadium at 7:00, and the corps will perform second-to-last at 10:38.


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