Cadets on top after a great Quarterfinals performance

Angel and Demon Diary: Cadets daily updates from the road


IMAG0734.jpgThe Cadets showed up at Quarterfinals last night with focused zeal. The corps went through the atypical warm-up routine without hitches: The horns and drums were bused directly to Military Park a mile or so from the stadium with instruments already on board with them. They had just enough time for a fairly normal warm-up next to the Blue Devils before they reloaded the buses and rode to the show.

Meanwhile, the color guard and front ensemble went directly to Lucas Oil Stadium. The pit unloaded the equipment truck and warmed up in the lot as usual, but the guard went inside the tunnel to the convention rooms where the souvenir booths were set up last year. This was a nice, temperature-controlled space with no wind to distract from a great warm-up.

IMAG0744.jpgTime moved quickly and before we knew it the corps was singing at the gate. The Cadets performed an excellent Quarterfinals run of the show, and they were rewarded a 97.35 – the highest score of the night.

The corps woke up at 9:00 today and will continue to work hard until they run out of time late Saturday afternoon. While it was a great show, the staff is convinced they can bring even more passion and precision to the field the next two nights.

We’ll see! The Cadets perform last tonight at 10:08 p.m.


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